2022 Fisker Ocean Electric SUV Review – Is the all-new EV SUV better than Tesla!

2022 Fisker Ocean Electric SUV Review – Is the all-new EV SUV better than Tesla!

As new models flood the market, the tide is changing for electric automobiles. Fisker Automotive hopes to capitalize on this trend with their Ocean SUV. The company is back with their sizzling all-electric car called Ocean Electric SUV to unsettle the automobile waters.

2022 Fisker Ocean Electric SUV Review

The name Fisker doesn’t exactly strike a chord like some other cars in its class would. But this big fish comes with many perks that would make it a top choice among the customers.

The most economical variant costs less than $40,000 and ranges approximately 250 miles. The all-electric SUV is equipped with an all-wheel-drive, dual-motor configuration that produces at least 540 horsepower and speeds to 60 mph in less than 4.0 seconds.

The long-range vehicle is expected to go 350 miles on a single charge. The 2023 Fisker Ocean is not just a gorgeous SUV in the manner of the Range Rover Evoque, but it also has some unique available features.

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A 17.1-inch central touchscreen that rotates vertically and horizontally is noteworthy, as is a mode that opens the roof panel, all side windows, and the back glass to simulate the windswept feel of a convertible.

We need to see the ratings for Ocean’s range, performance claims, and parlour tricks win the hearts of the people where Tesla already had made a strong impression.

Henrik Fisker’s 2nd attempt with Fisker Ocean electric SUV

The competition within the electric SUV market is tough, with big players like the tesla model Y, Audi Etron, Kia Ev6, and Hyundai Ioniq 5 dominating the space.

To fight the stiff competition, the Ocean would count on the expertise and experience of its founder Henrik Fisker who has had stints with BMW and Aston Martin.

Aside from his working experience with these companies, Henrik Fisker is one man who knows very well about electric cars and how to market them.

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He was earlier associated with car manufacturer Fisker Karma in 2008. It was a luxury plug-in hybrid electric vehicle developed to change the face of the game. After selling 2000 karma, the project was abandoned in 2012, and the manufacturing plant was auctioned to the Wanxiang Group of China.

Though his first project didn’t go well, Henrik still held onto the naming and image rights for the Fisker Brand.

He is currently planning to re-enter the vehicle business with Ocean Electric. Is he going to be successful this time? Though it is too early to remark, we are confident that the over 30000 consumers who have pre-ordered the Ocean SUV have made a wise decision.

The new additions in 2022 Fisker Ocean Electric

Fisker Automotive’s 2023 Ocean is an all-electric SUV. According to the company’s website, select models will be available later this year. If

SportBattery: Hyper Range, Single Motor, Range: 250 Miles$39,000
UltraBattery: Touring Range, Single Motor, Range: 340 Miles$51,500
ExtremeBattery: Hyper Range , Dual Motor, Range: 350+ Miles$70,500
OneBattery: Hyper Range, Dual Motor, Range: 350+ Miles$70,500

The company announced the ocean electric preliminary pricing, though the company has not announced the destination value yet. Hence we only have given the starting price of all four trims.

Primarily the Ocean Ultra, with its all-wheel-drive powertrain, looks more compact and will provide the best value for money.

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Cargo, Interior, and Comfort

The Ocean features a simplistic layout that is offset by some simple controls and is lined with reused materials supporting sustainability. Its dashboard features a thin digital gauge cluster and beautiful materials that run across it, in addition to a huge touchscreen that rotates and comes with all three trims except the base model.

The high-end amenities are limited as the entry-level ocean is targeted for the entry-level market, and the SUV comes with an affordable price band. Every model includes a rearview mirror with a digital camera feed, a power steering column, and a motorized rear liftgate.

The Sport comes with a fixed-glass panoramic sunroof, and the rest of the model has a panoramic glass roof with a retractable panel. The California mode which is a fascinating feature, raises the roof, as well as the rear and side windows, to create an open-air, convertible-like experience.

The lack of a transmission tunnel implies greater space for passengers in the back seat to play with, as well as improved leg and headroom.

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Connectivity and Infotainment

The Fisker Ocean Electric SUV is a self-acclaimed sustainable vehicle. The interior is lined with vegan materials, including old t-shirts, reclaimed fishing nets, and plastic bottles.

The cabin has enough tech gadgets and features to tickle your fancy. one of them is the ultra-large multidimensional Revolve infotainment display screen which supports Apple CarPlay and android auto.

The 17.1-inch display screen controls most in-car features, but it may also be utilized in Control or Hollywood mode, depending on the driving conditions.

2022 Fisker Ocean Electric SUV Review

Landscape mode only works when the car is parked, so we know it will probably be used to watch movies while you are charging. This luxury infotainment is absent in the base model.

There are small display screens at the rear for the passengers to regulate the climate and get a bite of the entertainment when the car is in Limo Mode. We particularly love the sleek dashboard. It perfectly complements the small 9.8-inch digital cluster screen and flat-bottom steering wheel.

Additionally, the Ocean Electric SUV comes with a Fisker Intelligent pilot, an advanced driver-assist system, and high-end connectivity. Over-the-air updates are also available there.

Ocean Electric Range, Charging, and Battery Life

The Ocean comes with various battery sizes, although Fisker has yet to reveal its usable capacity. As per the EPA estimate, the single motor can travel 250 miles, and with a dual motor, the range can be extended upto 390 miles on a single charge.

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The car is equipped with an additional retractable SolarSky panoramic roof. On average, the energy generated from the solar panels can supply an additional range of about 2000 miles. If you live in a cold climate, the output will be less.

The Ocean electric is compatible with most EV charging stations, and Fisker has collaborated with Electrify America to offer owners an unspecified amount of free charging.

Fisker Ocean Motor, Power, and Performance

The 2023 Ocean Electric base or Sport model comes with a single electric motor which gives a 275 HP on tap to the front wheels. The sprint is expected to go from zero to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds.

The Ultra and Extreme (as well as the limited-edition One) use an electric motor on each axle, allowing for all-wheel drive. The fastest variant, with a total system output of up to 550 horses, is expected to sprint from a standstill to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds.

2022 Fisker Ocean Electric SUV Review

All models come with 20-inch wheels on low-rolling-resistance tires. The Ocean front-drive trims can tow 2040 pounds, while the all-wheel-drive can pull 4000 pounds.

According to Fisker, the three-row model of the all-electric Ocean SUV will be available in 2024. However, this crossover will seat five adults in the interim, two in the front and three in the rear.

There will only be 5000 samples of the top trim model will be produced. The five thousand units we hear have been booked already.

If you have not set your mind to buying outright or need a couple of test sessions, then there is good news for you. Fisker is offering a special package which allows you to lease the Ocean Electric SUV for only 379$ per month excluding the initial deposit and activation fee of $2999.

Final Verdict

Packed with the Lithium-ion phosphate battery in Ocean Sports and Nickel Manganese Cobalt cell battery in Ocean Ultra and Extreme, the Ocean EV will emerge as a deal-breaker with its impressive driving range.

According to CEO Fisker, the Ocean Electric SUV will offer more driving range than any other electric vehicle worldwide.

Given the amount of competition in the SUV segment, we are optimistic that the cross-over will not be a walkover.

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