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A Bengaluru-based startup named Oben has launched its first-ever product, Oben Rorr electric motorcycle, at an ex-showroom. The price of the Oben electric bike is set at Rs 99,999. After launching such a product, Oben is now one of those few companies that launched a premium battery electric bike in India.

Oben Rorr is somewhat a game-changer, both in the design and features. If you want to know what makes this electric bike a special one, read this article and learn the details.

Oben Electric Bike Launch Date

The startup company Oben unveiled its first-ever electric bike in December 2021. Oben launches its first electric bike, the Oben Rorr, and the company is taking pre-bookings at just Rs 999. The on-road price of an Oben electric bike is Rs 99,999, but the cost varies depending on the location or the state.

The electric bike is one of the most stylish electric bikes available in India right now. It has a permanent magnet motor with a 10kW output and a 4kW continuous output.. The electric bike has a round LED headlamp and LED DRLs, a wide handlebar, and split seats. It is also designed by including LED taillight and LED winkers. 

The bike also comes with 17-inches wheels of alloy, sharp-looking side panels, and under-cowling. The electric motorcycle also has 200mm of ground clearance and a 230mm of water wading capacity, making it easier to drive on Indian roads.

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Oben Rorr Bike Features

This Oben Rorr has an extensive TFT infotainment system that offers all the essential readouts, including speed, odometer, riding modes, and more. It also comes with features such as Driver Alert System, theft protection, technology connected for provision, like locating the nearest charging station, vehicle diagnostics, etc. 

Apart from all of these, the riding modes that an Oben electric bike has (Eco, City, and Havoc) are used to optimize performance and range. The real-world content of the methods listed is 150km, 120km, and 100km, respectively. Oben Rorr must be more than helpful in the real world if the claimed numbers are correct.

Oben Rorr: Specs and Range

The motorbike comes with a fixed 4.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It also includes an electric motor that delivers a peak power of 13.4 bhp and a peak torque of 62 Nm. It gives a maximum speed of 100 km/hr and enables the electric bike to accelerate from 0 to 40 km/hr within 3 seconds.

Longest-Range Electric Motorcycles in India

As per the range is concerned, the Oben Rorr is claimed to cover 150 km on a single charge, which makes the bike one of the longest-range electric motorcycles in this country. 

Besides, if you are wondering about the charging time of Oben Rorr, let me tell you that the Oben e-bike comes with a battery that can be fully charged in just two hours or at a 1km/minute rate by using a 15amp socket. 

Another good thing about Oben Torr is the company announces that they will install a 15 amp socket at the customer’s residence at no extra cost. Besides, some mainstream intelligent features found in most electric motorcycles are also available with Oben Rorr. For example, Bluetooth connectivity and a companion app.

Oben has partnered with several other players to provide access to over 12,000 EV chargers to their customers. The company is also planning to set up over 1000 Oben charging stations that use the proprietary technology.

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Waterproofing Solution in Oben Rorr

You must wonder how to manage your e-bike in Indian climatic conditions. Working and taking care of the Oben bike in India, where flooding is a common issue, is something to worry about. In that case, the manufacturers make the battery compartments and the electric motors waterproof.

The Oben Rorr’s battery compartment has an IP67 dust and waterproof rating. On the other hand, the electric motor has an IP65 rating, making the engine safe and not affected by rainfall and water puddles.

Oben Electric Bike Price in India

The Bengaluru-based Oben electric claims the price range of the Oben Rorr electric bike is between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 1.5 lakh. Although, the company has already announced that the Oben Rorr electric bike is available for booking at Rs 999. Bookings for the Oben Rorr e-bike have already commenced from 18th March.

The electric bike is priced differently in India, depending on the incentives offered in different states. It is the most affordable in Delhi, costing Rs 94,999, including an incentive of Rs 30,000. In Maharashtra, the price is relatively lower than in the other states. The price of an Oben electric bike is Rs 99,999 after an incentive of Rs 25,000.

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Oben Electric Bike Booking Online

If you want to book your e-bike now, you can do that. The company has provided an option on their official website where you can book your bike beforehand at just Rs 999. Bookings have already begun from 18th March onwards. Without any delay, go and secure your e-bike.


One exciting feature that makes the Oben Rorr e-bike stand out from the rest is the maximum range it can cover on one charge, which is 200 km, and it is almost twice the range of most electric bikes with an equal engine capacity.

Even if you run out of battery power, the motorcycle can be charged fully in just 2 hours. The Oben Rorr is a marvel with a sleek design that will surely turn heads when you take it on the roads.

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