The New York E-Bike Rebate Program: E-Bike Rates Could Go Amazingly Low Now!

The New York E-Bike Rebate Program: E-Bike Rates Could Go Amazingly Low Now!

Excellent news for New York Bike Riders is that New York bikers and cyclists have a golden opportunity to buy an electric bike or e-scooter and get a handsome amount of savings.

The Rebate could go up to 1000 dollars of savings in purchasing e-bikes or e-scooters in the “ride clean rebate program” by the NYSERDA.

New York E-Bike Rebate Program

The program has come into effect as an amendment to a new bill (S3080) that would authorize the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to manage the program.

Overview of the New York e-bike rebate scheme

Most buyers of three e-bikes would benefit from this rebate program. Class two (20 MPH, can only be ridden with the throttle), class three (20 MPH, top speed, pedal-assist), and class three (28 MPH top speed) will get a 50% rebate capped at $1100.

The electric scooters are also included in the New York E-Bike Rebate Program, but no restrictions on speed or power have been reported yet.

Additionally, there is no clear mandate on whether the incentive applies to seated electric scooters like the Vespa model or standing scooters (such as those utilized by shared mobility companies like Bird).

As of now, Vermont is the first state to implement the state-level electric bicycle purchase incentive, and Newyork follows and becomes the second state to offer the rebate program.

A vote approved the bill 60-3 in the New York State Senate, but it remained in committee in the Assembly for much of this year.

A few state legislators had voiced optimism that the law would advance in the following session with the same level of public support that it received when it breezed through the State Senate.

Few state legislators expressed their hope that the bill would advance in the following session with the same level of public support that it received in the State Senate.

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What are the Benefits?

With e-bikes having become legal in NYC in the past few years and gaining popularity like electric vehicles, the New York E-Bike Rebate Program will also help to reduce the carbon footprint in NYC as a part of the low-carbon mobility future.

As the auto and transit trips in NYC are primarily within 5 miles, the rebate program will encourage more and more commuters to purchase e-bikes for short-duration trips.

E-bikes also help the commuters to ride, escaping from the congestion, traffic and harmful emission of poisonous gases.

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The Take Away and Future Roadmap

The federal government should take this type of rebate program on green mobility more and more. If the Federal government can’t get it done, it has to be taken by the local state government.

The city of Denver already has the same rebate program running successfully and has gained immense popularity. As a result of the ‘Denver E-Bike Rebate Program’, the sales of electric bikes have gone multiple times.

The e-bikes and e-scooters have now played a pivotal role in transforming the transportation scene. They are shifting the car drivers to a more affordable, sustainable, healthier mode of transportation.

New York E-Bike Rebate Program

Initially, the higher price of E-Bikes restricts a large portion of buyers, but the inception of this kind of rebate program has made the e-bikes more affordable by slicing the costs into almost half.

Be it a $1,999 electric bike from Rad Power or a $799 Lectric XP Lite e-bike, you now have every option to buy any of these bikes at almost half the price.

Encouraging Start-up Entrepreneurs

The State Budget also allocates money for the Drive Clean Rebate Program. However, it hasn’t yet been fully dispersed. As an emerging sector in New York State with the legalization of the technology, electric bicycles, this would also encourage new entrepreneurship.

Another significant advantage of the rebate program is the energy savings in big electric cars. The number of batteries used to produce one Tesla car can have 430-450 electric vehicles.

An EV battery would typically be around 70 kWh, and an e-bike battery would typically be around 300Wh, which equals 230 e-bike batteries per EV. Approximate 436 e-bike batteries could be made from a single extended range F150 Lightning battery.

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