Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – Ultimate Usage Guide

Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – Ultimate Usage Guide

You must be wondering what a Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is and how it exactly works. If you want to know more about TPMS and its uses, you must go through this article. This article will help you learn and understand better about TPMS. It also includes the services, benefits, and various types of tire pressure monitoring systems.

First of all, you must know that a Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, also known as TPMS, is an electronic system in your vehicle that helps in monitoring the tire air pressure of your motorcycle and sends an alert when it falls dangerously low.

The primary purpose of a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is to alert you that at least one or both tires are significantly under-inflated, which might create a very unsafe driving situation.

What is TPMS on a motorcycle?

You must be wondering how much air pressure is suitable for motorcycle tires. The answer is that it depends. However, the best solution to the problem is whatever the manufacturer says to follow accordingly.

The features of the tire also decide what the tire pressure should be. For example, the big, fat tires on the ATVs and UTVs usually belong to the low-inflation type, and they may be correctly inflated with only 2 to 10 psi. On the other hand, the other small diameter trailer tires may call for up to 60 psi. Usually, the street motorcycle tires are in the range of 28 to 40 psi.

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Benefits of Motorcycle TPMS

A Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitoring System comes with a set of benefits. Installing a TPMS in your motorcycle helps, especially when your vehicle’s tires have either too much or too little air pressure inside them.

Here I am trying to give an overview of such benefits to help you understand better the functions of a TPMS. The following points cover the points discussing the benefits.

  • Monitor Tyre Pressure- a Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitoring System helps you know when your motorcycle tires have too much air pressure or too little air pressure. Some of the TPMS also display temperature readings for added safety.
  • Boost safety- It is difficult to monitor the tires to be ensured that they are correctly inflated. Otherwise, you may get into an accident. Also, you need to remain alert if the tires get punctured or have a slow leak. The best Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitoring System will ensure that your vehicle tires are safe to use.
  • Upgrade the technology- Nowadays, many motorcycles have already built TPMS into their systems. But the older, more basic bikes that are less expensive do not possess this feature. Fortunately, you can install an aftermarket TPMS unit in your system without much effort.
  • Avoid the hassle- You can, if required, manually check the tire pressure of your motorcycle. Still, it can be challenging, particularly when you have to lay down on the ground and remove the saddlebags to access the valve stem.

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What are the two types of Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems?

There are two tire pressure monitoring systems within your vehicle’s framework, indirect and direct TPMS. In this article, let us discuss those two types of Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems in detail.

Indirect TPMS

An indirect tire pressure monitoring system relies on wheel speed sensors used by the anti-lock brake system. Those sensors measure the rate of revolution of each wheel. The system can also be used on-board computer systems to compare other vehicle operation data like speed.

A computer can interpret the relative size of the vehicle’s tires as per the rate of revolution of each motorcycle wheel. If a wheel starts spinning faster than expected, the computer calculates that the tire is under-inflated and, accordingly, alerts the driver.

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Therefore, an indirect tire pressure monitoring system does not measure the air pressure inside the tires. It does not electronically process the exact measurement you may see with a tire gauge. 

Instead, an indirect tire pressure monitor only measures the rate of rotation of the wheels, which means how fast the tires of the motorcycle rotate and then sends signals to the computer. The computer then actuates the indicator light when something in the rotation seems inappropriate.

Direct TPMS

A direct tire pressure monitoring system uses pressure monitoring sensors within each tire that monitors specific pressure levels and not just wheel revolution data from the anti-lock brake system.

The sensors in a direct TPMS may provide tire temperature readings as well. The direct TPMS sends all the data to a centralized control module. It is analyzed, interpreted, and transmitted directly to your dashboard, where the indicator light illuminates if the tire pressure is lower than usual.

A direct tire pressure monitor generally sends the data wirelessly. Every sensor has a unique serial number, and this is how the system distinguishes itself from other vehicles’ designs and among the pressure readings for each tire.

Some manufacturers use proprietary technology for the highly specialized systems; hence, if you want to replace a TPMS in a consistent and compatible way with your motorcycle, it will require an experienced technician.

Benefits of Motorcycle TPMS


Before you ride your motorcycle, you should check the air pressure inside the tires with an accurate gauge. Besides, if you need to move the bike to get the valve stem to a more convenient place to use the meter, take advantage of the movement to examine the tires’ tread for sharp things that could leak. 

If it seems that the tires of your vehicle need air, an inexpensive bicycle pump can take care of increasing the pressure a couple of pounds, and you don’t need to sweat to achieve that.

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