Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Review – India’s Latest Electric Cruiser Bike

Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Review – India’s Latest Electric Cruiser Bike

Komaki has introduced two electric two-wheelers in India: The company has launched Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser, and the Venice electric scooter. The former is a cruiser that costs Rs 1.68 lakh, while the e-scooter costs Rs 1.15 lakh. These products are now available at all Komaki dealerships.

The Komaki Ranger is India’s first electric cruiser, with the design of an old-school cruiser, including pleasant ergonomics, heavy use of chrome, and tan seats. The switchgear also represents a retro look, and there’s also a faux exhaust that glows with a “flame effect” and makes noise which is another unique feature that the electric cruiser bike has come up with.

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komaki ranger electric cruiser review

Let’s look into the features, specifications, and other specs of this attractive Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser bike.

Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Design and Comfort

If we talk about the style and looks, the vehicle looks precisely like a Harley Davidson bike, and the bike comes under the category of a cruiser bike. This is currently the only cruiser electric bike available in the Indian market.

So if we start with the top, the bike has a broad windshield that protects the rider from windblast and dust. There are three lights in the front, out of which one is a projector-led headlamp, and the other two are indicator lights.

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The scooter has a very bulky telescopic suspension which protects the bike from bumpy roads. The Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser bike has a 17″ tubeless tire at the front, and it has disc breaks with a combi braking system with a wheel at a rate of 200 revolutions per second to avoid a wheel lock. This device blends performance and safety in all riding circumstances while weighing only 580 grams. The CBS adds an extra layer of protection to the bike as if we apply rear suspension and simultaneously apply to the front breaks, thus making the motorcycle safer on roads.

The good thing about this bike is there are almost 4-5 crash protection guards, which gives better safety and security. In case of any emergency or accident, there will be very minimal damage to the bike.

The seats are wide enough and quite comfortable for both rider and pillion. There is a pillion backrest which provides added safety for the pillion. We can say the riding position is very comfortable in this cruiser bike to talk with one word.

Komaki Ranger Features and Specifications

The bike combines real tradition with modern technology for power, style, and an uncompromised riding experience – whether in town or on country roads. The Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser comes with three color options.

The handlebar combines different switches like gear mode, parking switch, reverse cruise control, and Bluetooth with a sound system. The good thing about the bike is when we are on the indicator switch, there is a sensor that gives a beep sound for extra protection in case of a turn alert.

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The cruiser bike also comes with USB charging, a digital speedometer, a front Body Guard, Turbo Mode, Rear Protection Guard, and a Gear mode as some additional inbuilt features. The bike comes with three riding ways, and if we engage, the Supermoto mode gives the rider an increased torque.

Range200 km/charge
Motor TypeBLDC
Battery Capacity72V/ 50 Ah
Fuel TypeElectric
Wheels TypeAlloy
BrakesDual Disc with CBS
Wheel SizeFront :-431.8 mm, Rear :-431.8 mm
Motor Power4000 W
Tyre TypeTubeless

Another unique feature of this bike is the music control buttons riding the motorcycle with the buttons mounted on the handlebar. The fake exhaust buttons on the handlebar will give you a feel of a petrol bike.

The bike will offer you three riding modes if we come to the riding modes. The eco mode will provide a top speed of upto 50 km/hour, the sport mode gives you 75 km/hour, and the cruiser mode will provide you with 85 km/hour.

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There is a petrol tank on the upper side which is not functional only for show purposes. You will also find buttons and switchgear on this bike that are not functional. The wider foot packs under the battery pack of this bike gives the rider a sense of comfort while riding for long hours.

Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Range and Battery Power

Now comes the main component, which is the battery of this bike, which is fitted just below the petrol tank. The Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser comes with a 4 kWh Lithium-Ion battery of 72 volts and 15Ah, giving a 4000 W BLDC Motor power.

The bike has claimed range of 200 kilometers on a single charge, which means we can expect a real-world range of 180-190 kilometers which is quite impressive for this cruiser bike.

The bike has a 140-150 kgs of Curb weight and 200 to 220 kgs loading capacity.

komaki ranger electric cruiser review

Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Price

Komaki Ranger ex-showroom price in Kolkata starts at Rs. 1.68 Lakh. Currently, the Komaki Cruiser is available only in the Ranger STD variant.

You can book Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser online from the Komaki official website, and you have to give select your state and then the electric vehicle brand. After filling in all the required details, you can pre-book the motor cycle. To download the Komaki brochure click the below button.

Final Verdict

So, friends, I think you have liked the overview of the Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser. If we talk about the service, the company provides a 24×7 roadside assistance and a two-year warranty on the battery, and one year on the BLDc motor.

I think the cruiser bike has all the required features, safety, and battery power to become a popular cruiser electric bike in India. So far, the Komaki Ranger has no competition in the Indian market, we cant compare the cycle right now, and the users have no alternatives.

But we can expect the more prominent players like Bajaj, TVS, and Honda to develop their electric cruiser bikes soon as the currently growing exponentially.

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