7 Reasons Why you Select Hero leap hybrid Electric Scooter in 2022

7 Reasons Why you Select Hero leap hybrid Electric Scooter in 2022

The growing need for electric scooters is triggering the ev manufacturers to launch new models to capture the high demand of ev scooters in the Indian market.

The Hero leap hybrid electric scooter is expected to be launched in December 2022 in the Indian market, and the expected price range of the electric scooter is from Rs 74,000 to Rs 1,10,000.

hero leap hybrid electric scooter

The other scooters similar to the Hero Leap Hybrid Electric Scooter currently available in the Indian market are Pure EV EPluto, Joy E-Bike Glob, and Hero Electric Atria. Another competitor similar to the Hero Leap Hybrid SES is Lambretta V200, which will be launched in June 2022 in India.

If you are an electric bike lover and want to know more about the upcoming Hero Leap Hybrid Electric Scooter, this article is for you. In this article, you will come across all the details and specifications of the Hero Leap Hybrid SES- its launch date, price, features, mileage, etc.

Hero Leap Hybrid Electric Scooter Hybrid Features

The Hero Leap Hybrid Electric Scooter was showcased as a prototype in Delhi during the 2012 Auto Expo. The Leap Hybrid SES was then unveiled in its pre-production stage just before the 2014 Auto Expo, making the Hybrid Electric Scooter one of the first hybrid scooters developed by a Gurugram-based two-wheeler manufacturer.

In recent times, we can see that India is witnessing a fast growth in the market of electric vehicles, and this also includes the Hero Leap Hybrid Electric Scooter.

The Leap Hybrid SES comes in a brand-new look and is attractively designed, which gives the model a sleek and lean look. The electric scooter also has a LED headlamp in a circular shape at the top.

The Leap Hybrid SES is powered by an 8kW PMAC motor and a lithium-ion battery. Besides these, the model also comes with a 124cc engine with a 3-litre fuel tank. The petrol engine is claimed to be a range extender. The company claims that the petrol engine will increase the scooter’s range by four times, and it can accelerate to 100kmph on the extender.

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Hero Leap Hybrid SES Electric Scooter price

As per the reports, the launch date of the Hero Leap Hybrid Electric Scooter will be in December 2022. The launch date can also differ, which is confirmed yet.

As we come to the pricing, it is expected that the Hybrid SES model will be priced within Rs 75,000. But if we consider the intricate techniques involved, the price may increase up to Rs 1,00,000.

Design of the Model

The Leap Hybrid SES comes with an attractive and futuristic design. The scooter has a circular LED headlamp at the top and another additional lamp at the centre of the front cover.

The Hero Leap Hybrid Electric Scooter comes with a compact visor, and the report says that the scooter will get a digital instrument cluster. The scooter will have a spacious footboard area covered by a well-cushioned seat. 

The electric hybrid scooter will provide a comfortable riding experience to the riders. The rear seat comes with comfortable cushioning, which will make the riders feel comfortable. A split grab rail is also available, and the scooter has a LED taillight.

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Hero Leap Hybrid Riding Performance

An 8kW capacity PMC motor powers the Hero Leap Hybrid Electric Scooter, and it also has a lithium-ion battery from which the motor draws the power. The engine generates 10.7 bhp power and 60 Nm of impressive torque. The torque is available at zero rpm, making the scooter more attractive and premium.

Apart from the mentioned features, the e-scooter comes with a 125cc petrol engine as a range extender. This petrol engine uses a 3-litre fuel tank that will increase the range of the scooter by four times. With the range extender, the scooter will be able to accelerate to 100 kmph.

The same motor is coupled with an onboard generator that charges the battery. After going through all the features and specifications, we can say that the Leap Hybrid SES includes some advanced and efficient technology.

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Hero Electric Bike vs Okinawa

hero electric bike vs okinawa

Price and Features

Let’s compare the Hero Electric Photon and the Okinawa Praise as both scooters have become quite popular in India’s emerging ev scooter market.

The ex-showroom price of the Hero Electric Photon is Rs 80,884, whereas the cost of the Okinawa Praise is Rs 80,615. The Hero Electric Photon is available in 3 different colours and one variant we talk about colours. On the other hand, the Okinawa Praise is also public in 3 colours and one variant. Apart from these, different specifications help differentiate the bikes from each other.

Charging Time and Range

The riding range of the Hero Electric Photon is 108 km, and that of the Okinawa Praise is 88 km. The Hero Electric Photon takes 5 hours to fully charge its battery, whereas the Okinawa Praise takes 2-3 hours. So if you are looking for more battery range, then clearly, the Hero is the winner, but Okinawa has the edge regarding charging time.

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Upcoming Hero Electric Bikes in India

Apart from the Hero Leap Hybrid Electric Scooter, if you are wondering and looking for the other upcoming electric bikes that will be launched by Heroin India this year or the following year, then this article is for you. 

The following contains a list of all the hero electric upcoming bikes and their expected prices and launch dates.

  • Hero Electric AE-47 E-Bike at Rs 1,00,000. The expected date for launch is September 2022.
  • Hero Electric AE-75 is priced at Rs 80,000, and the estimated launch date is September 2022.
  • Hero Electric AE-29 at Rs 85,000, and the estimated launch date is December 2022.
  • Hero Electric AE-3 at Rs 1,50,000. The expected date is also December 2022.
  • Hero Electric AE-8 at Rs 70,000 may be released in January 2023.

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As per the sources, the Hero Leap Hybrid Electric Scooter is in the early stages of production, and the launch date is set for the end of this year. We expect Hero would aggressively price their hybrid scooter, somewhere around Rs 1,00,000. If the scooter retains at the said price, it will compete with the Ather 340 and Okinawa I-Praise.

Hero Optima CX Electric Scooter features pdf download

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