6 Best Helmets under 5000 for men in India 2022

Best Helmets under 5000 made in India

6 Best Helmets under 5000 made in India for Men in 2022

If you come here for the best helmets under 5000 & If you are a regular bike rider in India then a good branded helmet with all safety features is a must for you. Here I would tell you that you are in the right place at this time now.

India is a hot & humid country & while choosing a best helmet you should not only keep in mind about the safety , but also about the design & looks also. I have put in a lot of work & research to find 6 best helmets under 5000 here and also given a detailed review about them for you . I am sure you will end your search here.

Features and Qualities of Helmets under 5000

In Indian road conditions you can’t only see the looks while buying a helmet , you also need to look into their safety features & comfort levels within your specified budget. 

As you already searched for best helmets under 5000 and come here now I will discuss the features which makes a Helmet best in its price range.

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Top Features of a Best Helmet

Considering the above all factors today I am suggesting you the 6 below helmets under 5000

Steelbird SA-2 7Wings Super Aeronautics Full Face Helmet

helmets under 5000

The Steelbird SA-2 7 Wings is a full face helmet with Micrometric Buckle meeting European Standards. The Italian Design with Hygienic Interior with multipore breathable padding neck protector makes this this helmet a good buy in this list

  • Micro-Metric Buckle meeting European Standards.
  • Multi-Layer Eps (Thermocol) High Density And Low Density For More Safety With Air Channels
  • Italian Design with Hygenic Interior With Multipore Breathable Pedding Neck Protector For Extra Comfort
  • Anti Scratch Coated Visor and Quick Release Visor mechanism Kit

Steelbird SA-2 7Wings Super Aeronautics

helmets under 5000

This helmet contains Italian Design Hygienic Interior with multipore breathable pedding neck protector For Extra Comfort while driving. It also has multilayer eps fitted within it.

  • ISI certified full face helmet with multi-Layer Eps for high density And & low Density.
  • Italian design with multipore padding for extra comfort.
  • Anti scratch coated visor

Steelbird SA-5 7Wings Aeronautics Full Face DOT

helmets under 5000

This is another premium full face helmet from Steelbird and it is comes with a clear visor and specially a Extra Anti-Fog Smoke Visor

  • High Impact Resistant Thermoplastic shell

  • This ISI certified helmet has breathable padding with neck protector and extra comfort for long drives
  • Italian Design and Hygienic Interior with Multi pore for better Ventilation During Hot Weather
  • Quick Release Micrometric Buckle

Axor Apex Venomous Dull Black Blue Helmet-M

helmets under 5000

This ISI certified helmet contains High protection ABS material and Homologation – ECE R-22.05(Europe) DOT FMVSS NO. 218(US) Helmet Safety Standards and ISI certified. IS 4151 : 2015 and CM/L 1650145.

Its dual eps liner used to absorb the energies produced during an impact.

  • High protection ABS materia

  • Dual EPS liner
  • Upper air intake vent & Integrated Spoiler

  • Back outlet vent is integrated with pc spoiler

  • Optically correct visor equipped with pin lock system

TVS XPOD - Blistering Black Helmet (Red Line, XL)

helmets under 5000

This helmet has an aerodynamic design with an air circulation system . It also has the air Intake and outlet allows cool oxygen to circulate Inside the helmet which in turn gives the maximum comfort while riding.

  • Aerodynamic design
  • Air Circulation Function
  • Multi Density Eps for greater protection
  • Inbuilt breath deflector which ensures clear visibility while riding.
  • This helmet also has Embedded Speaker Pockets which enables rider stay connected while riding. It also has provision for adding bluetooth headset
  • removable liner with reflective padding

Axor Apex Venomous Black Grey Helmet-L

Best Helmets under 5000 made in India

This is another premium segment full face ISI helmet from Axor. It comes with the dual eps liner optically correct visor equipped with pin lock system Integrated polycarbonate spoiler.

  • Dual eps liner for head perfectly to absorb the energies of an impact and avoid penetration
  • Breath guard and chin curtain included

  • It has optically correct visor fitted with pin lock system
  • Integrated Spoiler for Streamlined Presentation at high velocity.

Considering the best features with safety I would recommend two helmet here according to your budget

If your budget is above 3000 then just blindly go for Axor Apex Venomous Black Grey Helmet-L.

It has all the features of a best helmet under 5000 price range.It has  eye catchy looks, best comfort, lightweight and compatible with the latest bluetooth gadgets. 

If your budget is below 3000 then definitely go for Steelbird SA-2 7Wings Super Aeronautics Full Face Helmet 

In terms of quality I  think you get best in this price range and with features like visor lock and portion for intercom connection is only seen in high end helmets which you get in this helmet at this price range.

Its padding is bit on the softer side which gives a comfortable look and it can be changed in future as its entirely removable. 

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