Top 5 Best Helmet under 1500 in India 2022 for Bike Users

best helmet under 1500

Top 5 Best Helmet under 1500 in India 2022 for Bike Users

Helmets are the one thing that protects our head during any minor to major bike accident.As you have come here by searching the top & best helmet under 1500, then I would tell you that you have cae the right place .


I here at my motoblog try to find & review the best of the helmets of different price ranges. If you want to find the Top 5 Upcoming Best helmets under 2000 in India in the year 2022 then you can visit the article here.


There are many brands in the market which provide budget friendly quality helmets under the price range of Rs 1500 , I have done detailed analysis & come with you the Top 5 Best Helmets under 1500 which will be best suitable for Indian bike & scooter riders in the year 2022.


It acts as a shield to our face & head from any kind of injury or heat , cold , dust, dirt & wind waves during bike riding.

What to look for a Helmet during Purchase

There are majorly 3 types of helmet available in the market ,Full face helmet, Open face helmet & Modular helmet. I have selected the top 5 best helmet under 1500 among the best & top reviewed helmets available in online and offline markets within the price range of Rs 900-1500 for you.

You need to look for the following points while selecting a helmet .

  • Your head size & shape a tight snug fit helmet can be uncomfortable while a loose fit helmet can increase noise level.
  • According to the industry experts your helmet should be comfortably snug around the entire head without resulting in any pressure points. 
  • The helmet should be ISI certified & the shell construction 
  • A good helmet brings down the high impact of a head injury , skull fractures and neurological disabilities occured during an accident.
  • Along with wearing a helmet its more important to chin strap it properly so that it does not fly off in case of an accident.
best helmet under 1500

Key features for selecting Best Helmet under 1500

Considering the above mentioned features I have listed Top 5 Best Helmet under 1500 below 10000 in India.

#1 Vega Crux DX Flip-Up Helmet (Dull Black, L)

helmet under 1500

The helmet comes in 10 colour options along with two size options (M/L).The helmet is compatible with almost all motorcycles. Lets see its other features 

  • The Inner shell liner is made up of cloth , foam & liner.

  • The outer shell material is made up of ABS

  • ISI approved helmet

  • The helmet may take 10-15 days to perfectly fit in the head as the foam requires 10-15 days to squeeze properly to fit in the head.

#2 Steelbird Cyborg Double Visor ABS Material Shell Full Face Helmet

Top 5 Best Helmet under 1500 in India 2022 for Bike Users

The Steelbird Cyborg Double Visor comes with inner smoke sun shield and outer clear visor with three attractive colours ( Dashing Black/Red/White).

  • The helmet comes with dual visor Inner Smoke Sun Shield and Outer Clear Visor.
  • High impact ABS material in shell construction.
  • ISI Certified with full safety features.
  • Quick Release Micro Metric Buckle for enhanced safety.

#3 Studds Urban Black with Black Strip Open Face Helmet

helmet under 1500

The Studds Urban Black with Black Strip Open Face Helmet is an open face helmet. You can find 5 colour options in amazon with 5 Size options and considered as best in its class according to its customer reviews and user friendly features.

  • The outer shell made up with special high grade engineering thermoplastic with provides extended safety & security.

  • The hard coated polycarbonate visor is both scratch protected & strong resistance qualities.

  • The eps concussion padding lined with specially treated anti allergic velveteen.

#4 Studds Ninja Pastel Plain Full Face Helmet- Black

Top 5 Best Helmet under 1500

The Studds Ninja Pastel Plain Full Face Helmet comes with UV Resistant Paints , optically true injected polycarbonate visor with Quick release chin strap mechanism

  • The outer shell of the helmet comes with UV resistant paints with optically injected visor made up with polycarbonate..

  • UV Resistant Paints.

  • EPS concussion padding with specially treated anti allergic velveteen

  • Quick release chinstrap mechanism
  • Dynamic air ventilation system for continuous air flow for a comfortable journey.

  • Unicolor options.

  • U.V. resistant Polyurethane paints for protecting aesthetic resistance.

#5 Steelbird SBA-7 7Wings ISI Certified Flip-Up Helmet

helmet under 1500

The fifth helmet under 1500 comes in a higher price range but equipped with more features. The helmet comes with 5 colour options along with 3 size options. The brand reputation of Steelbird gives the helmet more trust towards its safety & features. 

  • The helmet comes with High Impact Resistant Thermoplastic shell.

  • The breathing Padding is also equipped with neck protector which in turns gives extra comfort in long drives.

  • The helmet comes with better ventilation & comfortable Italian design

  • Hygienic Interior with Multi pore ventilation system.

Final conclusion for the best helmet under 1500

In this article I have discussed the top & best helmet under 1500 price range available in both online & offline markets. As you can see from the above detailed reviews that all of the helmets can last long and have good features and safety norms.

All the 5 helmets come from leading brands like studds & steelbird in which you will get proper warranty. They all have many service centres across India.

If you can ask me to comment for the best helmet , I can tell you the answer will come based on the requirement from your side. If you opt for full face you can go with studs ninja or if you prefer open face then there is no alternative of Studds Urban Black in this price range.

I have given a direct buying link towards amazon for your convenience. Hope the article helped you in finding your best helmet under the price range of 1500. If you have any other queries or need more information , please submit a comment or you can dm me @motogear_review on insta.

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