The Killer Greta Electric Scooters Launches Starting Rs 39999 – Review and first look

The Killer Greta Electric Scooters Launches Starting Rs 39999 – Review and first look

The Indian electric vehicle industry regularly witnesses new startups entering this fast-growing billion-dollar market. One of the latest entrants is Greta Electric Scooters which comes with a bouquet of four electric scooter models.

Greta is a flagship brand from Raj Electromotives, an Ahmedabad-based electric startup that deals with the electric conversion of pedal-powered bicycles, rickshaws, tricycles, and bikes.

greta electric scooters

Despite the considerable hype all over the market and in social media and print media, the main concern for the electric scooter owners is their high entry price.

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Greta Electric has come up with an attractive price proposition for its customers where they can select any EV variant according to their choice. Greta has come up with four variants Harper, Harper ZX, Evespa, and Glide.

Every variant has a distinct body style and comes in various color combinations. Harper and Harper ZX, for example, offer a sporty look with a wide front apron, crisp body panels, and slim turn signals.

The Greta Harper ZX Series-I has launched at an introductory price of Rs 41999, ex-showroom. The company is offering a pre-booking discount of Rs 2000/- making the entry price at Rs 39999/- ex-showroom.

According to Greta electric, they would like to offer their customers a more economical and convenient ev ride with the introduction of these four models. According to Greta, each of these four variants has cutting-edge technology to offer its customers.

The Harper and Harper ZX – Design and Pricing

The Harper and Harper ZX come with a conventional EV design with a sleek, edgy body and a sporty look with a wide front fascia. The main distinguishing factor between the two models is their led headlight.

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The Harper ZX has a single LED headlight, while the Harper has dual headlights. The seats in both variants are pretty large and comfortable while adding a backrest gives an extra layer of comfort during long journies.

The Harper models include standard features such as a handlebar cowl and rear view mirrors.

greta electric scooters

The Greta Harper ZX Series-I Electric ScooterFeatures

The Greta Harper ZX Series-I electric scooter will come with six color schemes – Midnight Green, Jet Black, Glossy Grey, Majestic Magenta, True Blue, and Candy White.

A BLDC electric motor powers the scooter and gets energy from a Lithium-Ion battery pack selected accordingly by the customer. Greta electric claims to have a 100 Km range for this scooter on a single charge.

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The Harper ZX has three riding modes, Eco, City, and Turbo. The scooter has an all-LED lighting system, digital instrument cluster, cruise control, anti-theft alarm system, keyless start, USB port and reverse mode among its important features.

The 10×3.0 inch wide tubeless tires of the Harper provide a firm grip while driving on roads. A Telescopic Front Fork, Back Cell Shock Absorbers, a Wireless/ Hydraulic Disc Brake in the front, and a Drum Brake at the rear make the scooter stand among the popular brands currently available.

Harper ZX Series-I – Price

Let’s come to the price proposition of Greta electric scooters, and here we will discuss specifically the Harper ZX Series-I. Customers can select four battery variants according to their choice of power and range. You can refer the below chart for the details of battery price including charger.

Battery VersionPowerRangePriceTotal Price
V248v-24Ah60 Km17000 – 2000059990/-
V348v-30Ah100 Km22000 – 2500064990/-
V2+60v-24Ah60 Km21000 – 2400063990/-
V3+60v-30Ah100 Km27000 – 3100069900/-

Apart from the booking amount of Rs 39999/- the user must select the respective battery pack version and the charger. The scooter gets 0-100% full charge within just 5 hours. Using the dash charger, you can charge the scooter 0-80% within three hours.

If you want to book the Greta Harper ZX series, you can book the scooter from any Greta showrooms by paying a pre-booking fee of Rs 2000/-.

Greta electric scooter – Evespa

The Greta Evespa is a retro-style electric scooter that is similar to the popular petrol-powered Vespa scooter. The scooter has a flat front apron, curved body panels, round headlamps, and round rearview mirrors. Turn signals are placed on the front apron.

greta electric scooters price

Greta Glide Electric Scooter

Glide, the fourth vehicle on this list, has a unibody frame with a round headlight on the front apron. The Glide also has circular rearview mirrors. A flat handlebar, a little flyscreen, and a pillion backrest are further highlights. 

The Glide has the most advanced and sporty looks with key features like a flat handlebar, compact flyscreen, and pillion backrest.

greta electric scooters glide

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All four Greta electric variants come with a flat floorboard which is very comfortable for the riders in everyday city commuting. If we talk about color options, all four Greta models come with 22 color options.

Harper, Harper ZX, and Evespa are equipped with drum disc combination braking, and Glide comes with disc brakes on both front and rear wheels. All four scooters have sufficient storage space, which is more than the average we find in EVs with similar segments like Ather 450XBajaj Chetak ElectricTVS iQube, and the Electron Pro Max.

Factor Responsible for Attracting More Electric Startups in Indian Market

A study on the manufacturing of electric two-wheelers confirms the theory that they are much easier to produce than their petrol-powered counterparts.

Their simplicity is a factor that attracts startups and tech companies to the market with the idea of having their electric two-wheelers, depending on the consumer base.

While conventional petrol-powered scooters require a lot of labor and colossal manufacturing cost, there is also a demand for them despite their high pricing. However, the EV is a market where the consumer and business grow together.

The consumer expects more from the products and experiences, and the company is prepared to give them. The global electric vehicle (EV) market is rapidly expanding, and a similar result can be seen here in our domestic market.

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The Indian automobile industry is the world’s fifth-largest and is anticipated to become the third-largest by 2030. According to the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA), the Indian EV sector would grow at a CAGR of 36%.

Greta electric Scooters Global Reach

Greta has already started operations in Nepal, and they currently have two operational showrooms. The company has plans to open more showrooms in Nepal and Bangladesh also.

Greta also plans to expand in Europe, and they are in the process of obtaining legal approval soon. Greta electric scooters will be accessible in several European countries upon approval.

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