Top 5 Hero Gear cycle price below 3000 Amazon

Gear Cycle Price below 3000 Amazon

Top 5 Hero Gear cycle price below 3000 in India

Hi friends I am sure you have come here after searching in google for a best and budget gear cycle for your children or any close one or even for yourself . In this article I will help you to find the gear cycle price below 3000 which is available in amazon marketplace in India.

Let’s start with a few basic must have features about any Gear cycle which is in the price below 3000 and suitable for childrens below 15 or even for Adults.

Basically the function of gears in a cycle is to help the rider to speed up while in motion and at the same time it makes it very easy for the rider to move the cycle even in stiff terrains.

The more is the number of gears in any cycle the more it is able to run in stiff terrains and elevated roads. More padding has to be given to generate high speed so that the cycle can move upward against gravity. Similarly while coming downwards or downhill it needs more control over the cycle speed so that it doesn’t accelerate and go beyond control.

So it’s advisable to select a gear cycle which can adjust and shift the speed according to the need.

“Mom” “Dad” I need the cycle at any cost !! it will be my birthday gift “ I think this kind of request is often received from our children or any dear loved ones , so it’s necessary for you to do proper research before buying any product.


Don’t worry I will make your work much easier in this article so that you sail out with a brand new Gear Cycle with a great budget deal  with a happy & satisfied mind.

The factors to consider while buying a Gear cycle price below 3000

There are majorly 3 key features of a gear cycle you should look into . And majorly your choice is depending upon the terrain you plan to ride the cycle while selecting a gear cycle.

Key features for selecting a best electric bike

Lets review top 5 gear cycles available in amazon marketplace with their detailed features and technical specifications. 


We have selected a variety of gear cycles ranging from cycles suitable for 12+ years to cycles available for kids from 5-9 years. You can select a cycle from these wide range of varieties and make your final decision.

Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed 18 inches Frame Mountain Bike

best gear cycle in india in the year 2022

The Hero Kyoto 26T mountain bike comes with single speed 18 inches frame & 26 inches wheel size , let’s look at its more specifications

  • Ideal for youths above 12 years

  • Mountain bike with ‎Linear Pull braking system

  • 18 inches frame with 26 inches wheel

  • single speed transmission

  • Suspension type : Rigid suspension

Lifelong LLBC2601 Escape 26T Cycle

Gear Cycle Price below 3000 Amazon

It’s a bike with versatile features like robust frame , top-notch paint quality and comes with 90% assembled . The bike comes with steel rims which are lightweight and also gives ultimate strength to the cycle body.

  • The cycle is ideal for age group of 12+ years.
  • Ideal for height 5 ft 4 inch+ 
  • 18 inches frame with 26 inches wheel

  • The cycle comes with Tyre reflectors, Handle Grip, Spoke guard, Pre-fitted Stand.

  • BMX bike with caliper brake

Leader Xplorer MTB 24T Mountain Bicycle/Bike

Gear cycle Price below 3,000 Flipkart

The cycle comes with 90% assembled and ideal for 10+ years children age groups. 

  • The cycle comes with 90% semi assembled state while Allen Key & Spanner provided in box for installation

  • Tire size : 26 inches | Frame Size : 18 inches

  • The cycle is ideal for age 10+ years . 
  • Brake type : Power Brakes.
  • Suspension : Rigid Front Reflectors/Rear Reflectors with water bottle included.

Hero Kids Unisex Blast 20T Single Speed Bike

Gear cycle price below 3,000 olx

The cycle is delivered in Semi-Assembled condition (85% assembled) and needs to complete the remaining assemble at home. Ideal for kids aged between 7 to 9 Years.Its min & Max rider height ranges between 3 ft 10 inch to 4 ft 6 inch.

  • The Bicycle is delivered partial fitted condition (85% Assembled) . 

  • Single speed gear & Rigid suspension .

  • 20 inch wheel & frame size 12 inches.

  • Front & rear both brakes are Caliper brake.
  • ‎Multicolour steel frame 

Lifelong LLBC2001 Tribe 20T Cycle (Yellow and Black)

Gear cycle Price below 3,000 for 15+ Years

Lifelong LLBC2001 Tribe 20T is ideal for kids aged between 5-8 years. The bike comes with 85% assembled and the rest you can assemble easily at home. The cycle offers a fresh look with a stylish design.

  • Quality: The cycle comes with robust frame with highest quality components and top-notch paint.

  • Additionally it also comes with Handle Grip, Spoke guard, Pre-fitted Stand.

  • Comfort & Style : padded saddle, ergonomically designed high handlebar, soft rubber grips and lightweight frame.

  •  Steel wheel rims provides greater impact resistance.

  • Calipar brakes.

My Final Opinion for top 5 gear cycle price below 3000 to buy amazon India

Here we have discussed and given in depth review of each of the gear cycle price below 3000 available in the online marketplaces. Already I have assured you to give the options from a variety of gear cycles based on your choice from different categories.

If you are looking for a bike for frequent riding within city road conditions , then you can select any of the 5 Gear cycles based on the age bracket for your choice. If you are looking for more gear ratios then you can have a look in the article The 5 Best Gear cycle price below 10000 in India 2022.

Amazon is the best place to buy the cycles spending upon your choice and you will get some extra discount also . I have given you the direct link for each of the variants so that you dont have to look anywhere 

don’t need to go anywhere else.


Mountain bikes are typically comes with a light frame , suspension for comfort journey , large tyres , durable wheels & rims , strong braking system asa well as lower gear ratios for climbing steep terrains

Mountain bikes or gear cycles are perfect for city biking , please make sure they are kept with utmost security in parking areas

You can obviously ride long distances with MTB’s especially if you are riding off roads. They offer a better grip in bumpy terrains than normal cycles.

Mountain bikes come with gear ranges from 1-40. Most of them come with 7-28 gears , and some advanced bikes come with 40 gears also.

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