The 5 Best Gear cycle price below 10000 in India 2022 for Men & Women

top 5 gear cycle price below 10000 in India

The 5 Best Gear cycle price below 10000 in India 2022

As a fitness & lifestyle option cycling is growing rapidly in India. And if you are confused which gear cycle price below 10000 has to choose among all options , then I would tell you that you are in the right place.


The Geared cycles are in high demand due to their advanced features , durability , driving comfort and eye-catching design among the teens as well as youths in India.

Most people get confused while buying a cycle whether to buy a gearless normal cycle or a gear cycle. Today I will make your work easier. First we will discuss the differences between geared cycle and non gear cycle.


Geared cycles, as the name suggests a gear cycle has a number of gears fitted within it.Gearless cycles are the cycles which don’t have gears or shifters.

Cycles with gears have multiple speed ratios which have been used by the rider while riding depending on which type of terrain he/she is riding.

A gearless cycle has just one gear and the acceleration of this cycle depends upon the motion of your paddle during the ride.


Advantages of geared cycles:


A geared cycle lets you change the gears depending upon different terrains , making all your rides more comfortable .This type of cycle helps you to accelerate faster compared to normal cycles

What to look for a gear cycle price below 10000

There are majorly 3 key features of a gear cycle you should look into . And majorly your choice is depending upon the terrain you plan to ride the cycle while selecting a gear cycle.

Key features for selecting a best Gear Cycle

Considering the above mentioned features I have listed 5 best gear cycle prices below 10000 in India which can be ridden by both men & women.

#1 Omobikes Ladakh X7 MTB Bike, 700c wheel and 7 Speed Geared, for Men woman and adults

top 5 gear cycle price below 10000 in India

Omobikes Ladakh X7 MTB Bike comes with 700c wheel and 7 speed gear which is suitable for both men & women. 

  • The cycle has Dual Disc Brakes with 160 mm Rotor

  • 60 mm front telescopic suspension

  • 7 speed gear with thumb shifter

  • Double wall Alloy Rims with Anti Rust Frame and 700c nylon tyres

  • Light weight unisex gear cycle mainly for use in cities.

#2 Omobikes Hampi 707 Light weight Hybrid Cycle for Men woman and adults

top 5 gear cycle price below 10000 in India

 Omobikes Hampi 707 Light weight Hybrid Cycle for Men woman and adults with dual disc brakes 7 speed gear , 18 inch 700c wheel multicolor cycle for the age 13 years and above.

  • The cycle comes with dual disc brakes with 160 mm rotor.
  • 7 speed gear train with thumb speeds 
  • Double wall alloy rims and the Rims come with an anti rust frame

  • 700 cc nylon tyres

#3 Amardeep cycles Siyibo 27.5 inches Gear Mountain Bicycle for Adults

gear cycle price below 10000

The cycle is 27.5 inches in height and a mountain bike for adults . The Amardeep cycles Siyibo comes with a dual disc brake , 17 inches frame. The cycle is ideal for 12+ year both men & women. The cycle also comes with 85% assembled , rest you can easily fit at home.

  • The cycle comes with 85% semi assembled state while Allen Key & Spanner provided in box for installation

  • Tire size : 27.5 inches | Frame Size : 17 inches

  • The cycle is ideal for age 12+ years . Minimum rider height is 5 ft 2 inches and max rider height is 6 ft 
  • Front & rear disc brake & 21 speed gear.
  • Dual width rust free alloy & rust free color.

#4 TRIAD M1 26T 21 Speed - Fully Fitted Mountain Bicycle (Matte Orange

gear cycle price below 10000


Triad M1  is also a 21 speed fully fitted mountain bicycle ideal for 15+ years & comes with striking orange colour

  • The Bicycle is delivered in fully fitted condition and Ready to Ride condition(99% Assembled) . Customer needs to  handlebar and install pedals.

  • The 21 speed gear is Shimano Tourney 21-Speed gear.

  • 26 inch tyre & frame size 18 inches.

  • Front brake is mechanical disc brake & rear brake is also Mechanical Disc Brake.
  • Alloy metal frame with 80 mm travel.

#5 Addmax Dexter Mountain Bike 21-Speed Original Shimano Gears Bicycle

gear cycle price below 10000

The Addmax Dexter MTB bicycle comes with 21 speed original Shimano gears with Lightweight 18 Inch Carbon Steel Frame 26 inch Tires. The cycle comes with 85% fitted.

  • Ergonomic design & the seat of the cycle can be adjustable and also the cycle comes with fashionable color combination which is ideal choice for teenagers and adults.

  • Comes with lightweight carbon steel frame.

  • Strong carbon steel frame with 100% rust proof. The advanced designed mountain bike frame is sturdy but lightweight.

  • 21 speed gear with front & rear disc brakes 

  • Front suspension & easy to use liner pull brakes.
  • Smooth trigger shifting with 21 speeds and giving consistent connection between the ground and the wheels.

My Final Opinion for top 5 gear cycle price below 10000 in India

While selecting the best fit top 5 gear cycle price below 10000, firstly I would like to tell you that almost all 5 bicycles fit in their respective segments perfectly . The main determining factor in choosing the perfect gear cycle is the terrain & rider age.

After reviewing all the above 5 bicycles I am pretty sure that your confusion has cleared now and you have already learned a lot about gear mountain bicycles.

If you want to choose the best gear cycle among these options you need to consider gear combination , frame alloy metal and assembled ratio.

And here my bet is for “TRIAD M1 26T 21 Speed – Fully Fitted Mountain Bicycle (Matte Orange” .The cycle not only comes with features like Shimano Tourney 21-Speed gear but its a ideal all rounder gear MTB where you can find it 99% assembled .

You don’t need to do anything much to use it after you get it delivered. It got a very good review in amazon also . Its 26 inches tyre is also ideal for men & women above 15+ years. Its eye-catchy orange design also makes the cycle more attractive.

Currently if you buy it from amazon you can get some extra discount also , I am giving you the direct link of this bicycle so that you don’t need to go anywhere else.

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