Future Electron Pro Max VS Ather 450X – Know Which is Better at Same Price!

Future Electron Pro Max VS Ather 450X – Know Which is Better

The Indian electric scooter space is now full of fierce competition where so many top brands are competing to catch your attention. While the Ather 450X is tested to be the fastest electric scooter, on the other hand Future Electron Pro Max can produce 260 Nm of torque which is the highest in the industry. Today we will compare between Future Electron Pro Max VS Ather 450X and review pros and cons of both the scooter.

Future Electron Pro Max VS Ather 450X

Electron pro max comes in three variants, Electron pro, Electron pro x, and Electron pro max. Electron pro comes with a 100 km range with a single battery, electron pro x comes with a double battery, and electron pro max also comes with a dual battery. But this variant has dual channel ABS, which was not there in the first two variants.

The Ather 450X comes with two variants, the Ather 450 plus and Ather 450X. The Ather 450 Plus comes with a range of 70km in eco mode, and 450X gives a slightly better range of 90km.

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Primarily you want an excellent single-charge range in an electric scooter more than anything else. The Electron pro max gives 180 km of tested range on a single charge while the Ather lags with only 80 km on a full charge. Max to max Ather can go upto 90 km in eco mode.

Today, we will compare the specs, power, battery range and comfort of two technologically supercharged electric scooters and help you select the best one.

Design and Looks : Future Electron Pro Max VS Ather 450X


Let’s start with colour options. Electron Pro Max comes with six colour options: grey, black, blue, red, white, and silver. On the other hand, 450x comes with three colour options, i.e. grey, mint green and white.


If we compare the looks of both the scooters, the Ather 450X comparatively falls on the softer side in contrast to the much more robust and bolder looks of future electron pro.

Battery range

Future electron gives a massively extended range of 180-200 km on a single charge. If we talk about the ARAI tested range, then the electron pro max already tested upto 300 Km, which is currently the highest in India.

While Ather 450X trails with 116km on single charge as claimed by the company

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Both the Scooter comes with LED headlight. We can see LED turn indicators in both Ather 450X and electron pro max, while if we talk about the looks, the electron comes with a more unique and advanced design and looks.

The battery is mounted under the foot-pack in electron pro max, while in the case of Ather, the battery is also mounted underneath the foot pack.

The Pro Max instrument console has a variety of functions. Tyre pressure, temperature, battery charge, and running modes such as eco or sports may all be monitored.

Future Electron Pro Max VS Ather 450X
Electron Pro Max

The Ather 450 Electric Scooter has a 7-inch full-digital touchscreen display powered by a 1.3GHz Snapdragon CPU. The touchscreen provides motion and productivity features such as Google Maps navigation tools and software upgrades.

Battery Power and Range

While comparing Future Electron Pro Max VS Ather 450X the most important aspect is battery capacity. So talking about the battery capacity, the Ather 450X comes with a 2.9kWh IP67 battery pack which is the battery’s install capacity, and the usable capacity is 2.7kWh.

The electron pro max has a 5.4kWh battery that is heat protected. The scooter comes with heat exchange material to keep the vehicle cool in Indian harsh climatic conditions. The Ather 450X also has the same material within it. For this reason, the price of both the scooters is on the higher side.

The Ather 450X battery takes 5 hours 45 min to charge 0-100 while it has the non-removable battery under its foot pack. That means you have to bring the scooter to the charging point for charging. You can charge the scooter with a standard 16-ampere plug point available in homes.

While Electron Pro comes with two removable batteries, which you can quickly charge anywhere removing from the scooter. The pro max battery takes 4-5 hours to fully charge, which is faster than the Ather 450X.

The availability of two batteries gives the facility to keep using the scooter with one battery while charging the other.

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Tyres and Breaking

Both the scooters come with dual disc breaks, and the electron pro max also comes with dual-channel ABS.

Both the scooters have front telescopic suspension. Ather 450X comes with 90-90/12″ tubeless tyres and alloy wheels in front. On the other hand, electron pro comes with 14″ tyres in front, so electron pro has a more big tyre in front than Ather 450X.

Electron pro max also has TPMS installed in its tyres, indicating both the tyre pressure and temperature, which you will not find in Ather 450X.

If we see the features and the specs, the electron pro max offers more features and utilities than Ather 450X. On the backside, electron pro has a 130-70/13″ tubeless tyre and alloy wheels, which are one inch smaller than the front tyre.

The Ather 450X has a relatively smaller size than the electron pro max. In the rear, there is a double shocker in pro max. On the other hand, Ather 450X has a mono shocker in its rear. Build quality in both the scooty is quite good as both scooters are made of premium quality plastic material.

Utility Features : Future Electron Pro Max VS Ather 450X

The boot space in Ather 450X is 22 litres fitted with led light for night use. While in Electron pro max, you will find everything max, and you can put two full-size helmets in the massive 30-litre boot space of Electron pro max.

You can open the boot space in electron pro max in three ways. One with the key in the handlebar, one with a switch in the handlebar, and you can also open remotely through the remote keys. You can open the boot space in Ather only by the key in the handlebar.

Future Electron Pro Max VS Ather 450X
Ather 450X

If we talk about the front console, you can find a touch screen in Ather 450X while Electron pro max comes with an auto headlamp, but the front console doesn’t have a touch facility like the Ather.

But there is one unique and futuristic feature in Electron pro max you can control the front console with a crown dial and buttons underneath it.

Future Electron Pro Max VS Ather 450X Comparison

Ather 450XSpecsElectron Pro maxSpecs
Power Continuous / peak3.3 kW/6 kWPower peak9.6 kW
Max torque26 NmMid Drive motor26 Nm
Top Speed80 Km/ hTop Speed100 Km/ h
Battery Pack2.9kWhBattery Pack5.4kWh
Battery Range116 KmBattery Range200 Km

Ride and Comfort

If we compare Future Electron Pro Max VS Ather 450X in terms of ride and comfort, the Ather 450X is a lightweight scooter and offers a comfortable ride. The leg space is quite vast for a medium height rider. On the other hand, Electron pro max has the battery pack under the foot pack, so the room here is a little less compared to the Ather 450X.

The Electron pro max is a little taller than Ather 450X. So if your height is within 5.5″, you can comfortably ride Ather, but Electron will be a bit taller for you.

Final Verdict : Future Electron Pro Max VS Ather 450X

At the same price point, you get a better range on electron pro max. You can only purchase Electron Pro max online by visiting their official website.

The waiting period is between 4-6 months to deliver the scooter to your doorstep. The company electron motor has announced that they will soon launch service centres across the major cities for their customers.

Talking about Ather 450X, the parent company, Ather Energy, already has dealer networks across the top tier cities where you can visit and buy the scooter. Currently, the waiting period for Ather 450X is around 1-2 weeks.

The ex-showroom price of Electron pro max is Rs 1,79,990, which is almost Rs. 30000/- higher than Ather 450X, which comes at an ex-showroom price of Rs 1.50 lakh in Delhi.

But if you consider the massive battery range of Electron Pro max, which is almost 200 Km, you can compensate for the excess investment within a short period as well as the dual batteries would give you a hassle-free ride.

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