How much does a 2022 Ford Maverick insurance cost? A Detailed Comparison

How much does a 2022 Ford Maverick insurance cost? A Detailed Comparison

The Ford Maverick is one of the much-discussed cars on the American continent. It is a compact and heavy pickup truck with heavy usage. Nevertheless, it is considered one of the best mid-range trucks in the present day by Ford.

ford maverick insurance cost

Now, the main part comes when the topic of its insurance arises. There is a big question about the Ford Maverick insurance cost among the seekers.

Ford designed their Maverick edition in various models, and each differs based on its abilities and capacities. Maverick has its starting model XL to Lariat AWD available for different categories of customers and pickups.

So, to gain better knowledge, let us compare the insurance rates from the basic Maverick XL model to the premium-loaded Lariat AWD trim level.

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2022 Ford Maverick Insurance cost

The Ford Maverick ranks in the 2nd position out of the top 10 vehicles in the medium size truck class for its auto insurance affordability. It is expected to pay around $1,304 yearly for the full coverage to insure a Ford Maverick.

In the monthly system, it comes to around $109 per month. The Ford Maverick insurance cost depends on various factors and features.

According to the insurance policies, the XL trim of Maverick is the cheapest, and the Lariat AWD edition is to cost the most. For the insurance of the XL model of Maverick, it may take around $1,226 per year or about $102 per month.

On the other hand, the insurance of the most expensive trim level (the Lariat AWD) may cost almost around $1,376 yearly, or about $115 monthly.
Suppose we divide the average Policy into the parts of its coverages.

In that case, comprehensive coverage may cost around $328 per year, collision insurance may be estimated at $502, and the remaining medical and liability coverage may be around $474.

Car insurance depends on the driver. Significantly, the deductibility for comprehensive and collision coverages depends mainly on the ages of the drivers.

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The annual policy range is a minimum of $998 for a driver who is 60 years old, with a maximum range of deductibles to the highest insurance price of $2,950 annually. For a 20-year-old driver, the deductibles are around $250 per year.

Ford Maverick insurance cost by trim level:

The Ford Maverick insurance cost varies according to the different editions of this car. For example, the XL edition has the lowest, whereas the Lariat AWD has the maximum insurance cost, as discussed in the previous lines. Here a chart relating to this matter is introduced for the better experience of the visitors.

ford maverick insurance cost

Besides the various models, the insurance rates can vary depending on who is getting the vehicle, where it is to be driven and what type of car it is. Maverick insurance is widely cost-effective for high-risk drivers.

In fact, for a 30-year-old driver, buying a high-risk insurance policy can affect a rate increase of $1,564 yearly, regardless of the editions.

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Ford Maverick Insurance Cost vs Competition:

Ford Maverick is technically considered a compact or low pickup truck, although, for better comparison, it can be likened to other midrange trucks. 

In addition, another model by Hyundai was introduced this year (2022) named Hyundai Santa Cruz, which is also a compact truck just like Maverick. So, to better understand Ford Maverick’s insurance cost, let’s compare Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick.

  • Hyundai Santa Cruz vs Ford Maverick:

Although both are modern compact pickup tricks, there are some essential differences between them, mainly for policy purposes. Maverick ranks 2nd out of 10 compared vehicles in the compact or midsize truck segment as the most affordable car insurance cost. 

In the same list, Santa Cruz comes in the 6th position with a charge of $1,464 annually. The difference of $160 per year between them. Besides, the insurance rates of the other trucks are also compared to Maverick.

  • Rivian R1T:

This midrange truck ranks in the 10th position in the affordable car insurance cost list. It takes $1,938 annually as insurance, whereas Maverick costs $634 less than R1T. Comparatively, Maverick is more affordable than the Rivian R1T midrange electric truck.

  • Chevrolet Colorado:

In the list, Chevrolet Colorado comes in the first position with the lowest insurance cost, worth $1,256, which is $48 more than Maverick. So, it may respond better to the people looking for a midrange, compact truck with reasonable insurance costs.

  • Less than other trucks:

When the insurance cost is compared among the midsize truck models, the rates for a Ford Maverick cost $50 less than the Ford Ranger, $110 less per annum than the Toyota Tacoma, $148 less than Nissan Frontier, $166 less than GMC Canyon, $176 less than Honda Ridgeline, and $194 less than Jeep Gladiator.

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Final Take

As Ford is listed in the list of most stolen cars in America, its buyers should pay considerable attention to the insurance of these cars. In the case of Maverick’s insurance, the rate decreases as the age of the driver increases.

In 2022, the difference in Ford Maverick insurance costs between a fifty-year-old and a twenty-year-old driver is $1,382, or 53.8% of savings per year. For a 2022 Ford Maverick, a twenty-year-old male has to pay an estimated $2,570 yearly, while a same-aged female driver pays an average of $1,920.

So, the difference is $650 per year. Thus, the women get substantially cheaper rates. Ford Maverick insurance rates are expensive, mainly for teenage drivers.

For a sixteen-year-old driver, the average rates for full coverage insurance are $4,694 per year, $4,364 for a seventeen-year-old driver, $4,064 for an eighteen-year-old driver, and $3,662 per year for a nineteen-year-old driver.

However, being a compact truck, Ford Maverick does not take much insurance cost from its purchaser, and this is the mystery behind buying this car for a large number.

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