How to Avail of a Rs 7500 Subsidy on a Firefox Electric Cycle

How to Avail of a Rs 7500 Subsidy on a Firefox Electric Cycle

The increasing price of petrol ignites familiar people’s desire to look more towards the electric bike and electric motorbikes. The firefox electric cycle is among India’s most popular and best electric revolutions with an attractive portfolio of ebikes. The company has clocked a double growth in electric bicycle sales in FY 21-22 with some unique children, hybrid, and adult leisure bikes.

firefox electric bike

Due to the covid pandemic, the cycling industry is seeing phenomenal growth due to increased health consciousness. Cycling is trending while talking about health & fitness. To grab this opportunity, firefox, India, comes with an attractive range of electric bicycles. The company is the first bicycle brand in India to have a fully functional Direct to Customer system powered by an e-commerce website.

If are residing in Delhi NCR then there is a good news for you as the Delhi government is giving subsidy in electric vehicles.

How to Avail Electric Vehicle Subsidy in Delhi

The Delhi government has announced providing a subsidy of Rs 5,500 on the purchase of the electric cycles. The motive is to promote electric vehicles in the city and motivate and encourage people to shift to a green lifestyle. Besides electric bikes, the government has also decided on a subsidy to purchase heavy-duty cargo electric cycles and electric carts for commercial purposes.

At a press conference, the Delhi government announced a subsidy on electric cycles. As per the terms and conditions of the government, the first 10,000 buyers of electric bikes will be getting a grant of Rs 5,500. Out of 10,000 buyers, the initial 1,000 buyers will be given an additional Rs 2,000 subsidy, which makes it a total of Rs 7,500.

With this scheme, Delhi has become the first-ever state offering subsidies on electric cycles. The models of electric bicycles can range from Rs 25,000 to Rs 70,000, making the models out of reach for many Indians.

The features of a typical average e-cycle include a Li-ion 36V IP67 battery pack combined with a 250W motor. These electric cycles can get up to 25kmph speed, along with a range of about 25 km to 45 km. If more components such as magnetic charging, LED displays, 7-speed gear sets, and disc brakes are added to the e-cycles, the prices go up.

Therefore, the electric vehicle subsidy in Delhi that the government is offering has the potential to boost the sales of the electric cycles in Delhi.

How to Avail of a Rs 7500 Subsidy on a Firefox Electric Cycle

The following includes methods to avail of a subsidy of Rs 7500 on a firefox electric cycle. So, if you are interested in buying a firefox electric cycle and receiving a grant, follow the methods discussed in this article.

If you want to avail the subsidy offered by the Delhi government, once the scheme goes live, it will be driven through the government’s online portal,

When the dealers are selling the firefox electric bikes, they need to log in to the website and register along with the details of the buyers, such as Aadhar Card and purchase invoice. The incentive program will then verify the address of the buyer. After that, the pre-decided amount of subsidy will be deposited into the accounts within a month.

Currently, only the dealers are eligible to make a login and apply for the incentives on behalf of the buyers. Therefore, this way, the government intends to boost the current user base in the EV incentives program. The subsidy is expected to go live sometime at the end of April.

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Subsidy for E-Carts

Apart from the electric cycles, heavy-duty cargo electric cycles come under the government’s scheme of subsidy as well. The first 5000 buyers of e-carts will get rs 15000 each. 

As per The Minister of Transport, Kailash Gahlot, the Corporate buyer of the e-carts, will get a subsidy of Rs 30,000. If you haven’t made up your mind already, this article will help you choose the best electric cycle for you.

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Firefox Adventron 27.5 Electric Bike

Firefox has launched its model, the Adventron 27.5 D electric bike. If you are looking for something within a limited budget, you must go for this one. This e-bike comes with loaded NECO threadless head fittings and Wellgo Alloy Pedals from a comfort point of view.

This particular firefox electric cycle is available in India, and you can buy it for just Rs 60,000. To learn more about the model’s specifications, you may visit the website, and I can assure you this is the best electric cycle you can get your hands on.

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Road Towards a Pollution Free Environment

According to the Delhi government, the sole reason behind taking such a decision to provide subsidies to the buyers of e-cycles is to motivate the people to reduce the usage of polluting vehicles.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took to his Twitter and congratulated the residents of Delhi. He mentioned in his tweet that by taking such a step, the Delhi residents would be able to use pollution-free vehicles.

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