The Electron Pro Max Electric Scooter Price , Review and Interesting facts

The Electron Pro Max Electric Scooter Price , Review and Interesting facts

Electron Motors introduced three new electric scooter variants: Electron pro max electric scooter, Electron Pro X, and Electron Pro Max. Out of the many electric scooter models that populate the market, these high-performance scooters look sleek and stylish. They will surely attract customers who are on the hunt for something fashionable and fitting, given their performance demands.

The new electric startup companies are bringing electric scooters with new futuristic designs paired with the advanced technology of which electron pro max electric scooter is a new addition to this era of new-age electric vehicles. In this article we will discuss the latest unique features , battery range , price and booking process of electron pro max electric scooter.

electron pro max electric scooter price

Key Points of Electron Pro Max Electric Scooter

Electron pro max’s key selling point is its high torque, but what exactly does this mean? High torque can be defined as how much a rear tire can put out to apply force to whatever it is connected. It contributes to a smooth ride and ensures the bike’s wheels spin with ease while on the move.

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The electric scooter has been designed and engineered to be technologically robust, with torque and speed options. Not many electric two-wheelers in India offer a similar caliber of technology as this bike’s electric motor offers. The motor of the electron pro max electric scooter can produce as much as 260 Nm of torque, probably the highest in this segment.

The Unique and Futuristic Design of Electron Pro Max

The Electron Pro Max scooter looks like an ultra-advanced and futuristic machine, watching it either from the front or rear. The type of design the scooter is offering is unique and first in its class.

The scooter could be a killer product in the Indian market as its current range is 200 km on a single charge. The dual batteries (2.7 kWh each) fitted in the scooter take five hours to charge fully.

The company and the testers claimed the impressive range at the R&D section of Electron Electric Motors in Haryana.

Front Fender

The front fender, along with the 14-inch wheel in the front, looks diffrent and unique, and now the concept of a more prominent front wheel and lower rear wheel is coming to the new age scooters, which give more stability and road grip. Telescopic suspension is used in the front wheel, which adds stability and decent looks.

Crown Dial

Crown dial in the front cluster adds premium looks to the scooter, which is another unique scooter feature. The electron pro max electric scooter comes under the maxi scooter category, which offers a dual battery. The side panel is flat and comes with integrated foot packs.

Dual suspension support is provided in the rear with a classy swing arm. The electron pro max comes with dual-channel ABS, which is first in a class in this segment.

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Electron Pro max Electric Scooter Specifications

Range150 +
Top Speed100+ Km/h
Battery Capacity(200km – 5.4kWh ) 
Pickup 0 to 40 km/h in 2.5 sec.
Peak Power 9.6kW
Motor TypeMid drive Motor
Motor Capacity7 Kilo Watt
Full Battery Charging Time4-5 hours

Electron Pro Max Electric Scooter Features and Battery Life

The scooter covers 0 to 40 km/hour in 0 to 2.5 seconds which is faster that Ather and Ola. Let’s talk about the front view of the electron pro max electric scooter. There are rectangular auto sensors headlamps, which will automatically turn on when nighttime falls and turn off when daylight is sensed. Additionally, two-stage transmissions are used to provide reliable motor transportation. The swingarms of this scooter also appear to be reassuringly well-built and seem trustworthy in terms of chassis quality.

The instrument console of this scooter comes with various features. You can monitor Tyre pressure with temperature, Battery charge, and Running modes like eco or Sports.

You can pair the console with an android or iOS device and change the themes. The front console also offers options like vehicle care to diagnose the vehicle statistics, and also it will indicate if there is any malfunction in the scooter.

electron pro max electric scooter

PCM technology in Electron Pro Max Electric Scooter

The Temperature in the Indian tropical climatic situation is increasing day by day, which is a significant concern for electric scooters with powerful batteries. The Temperature goes to 44 to 45 degrees in some cities during summer.

The batteries in electric scooters generate heat which results in catching fire, and that was the case in some of the incidents with Ola electric in recent times. Some of the scooters, like the electron pro max electric scooter, use a unique technology named PCM.

PCM refers to face change material that keeps a control or checks on the battery temperature. PCM refers to face change material that keeps a control or checks on the battery temperature.

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Electron Pro Max Electric Scooter Price and Booking Process

Currently, the bookings of electron pro max electric scooter are open. You can go to the official website of Electron Electric Motors and book any of the three models according to your choice at rs 499/-.

Electron Pro Max Electric Scooter Price in India

The ex-showroom price available for this Electric Scooter is Rs 1,79,990 in India.

Price and Top Speed Chart of Top 4 Electric Scooter in India

ModelPriceTop speed
Ola S1 Pro₹1,10,149115 kmph
Yamaha E01₹1,15,000100 kmph
Okinawa iPraise₹1,23,00070 kmph
TVS iQube Electric₹1,15,00078 kmph

Final Verdict

Unlike many other electric scooters, the Electron PRO-MAX is built to handle heavy-duty work, and it has dual removable battery packs that are easy to charge at home or in your office. This is great, and it wil give you a separate backup and keep you free from range anxiety.

The Electron pro max electric scooter also features best-in-class shock absorbers, making your ride smoother and more comfortable. Still, it will protect the entire scooter body and its internal parts from getting damaged. Moreover, the ABS or Anti-skid Braking system protects the rider from taking any spills throughout the trip for maximum safety and peace of mind.

The big front tyre and rear small and wide tyres add another level of stability to the scooter in harsh terrains. In my view, with the launch, the scooter will outperform OLa and Ather and become the best seller in its class.

Even though the scooter’s scheduled launch date is somewhere in the latter half of 2022, the scooter will give a solid challenge to its nearest contenders like the Ather 450X, Bajaj Chetak Electric, TVS iQube, and the Simple One Electric Scooter.

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