5 Best Electric Bike under 50000 in India for Adults

5 Best Electric Bike under 50000 in India for Adults

5 Best Unisex Electric Bike under 50000 in India for Adults

Throughout the world and also in India we are moving towards an era where we have to reduce our dependency towards fossil fuel and go green. So the demand for electric vehicles is rising day by day. If you talk about an electric bike under 50000 or electric bicycles then I can tell you that you have come to the right place where I have selected top 5 bikes under 50000 available online both for male and female.

Most of the electric bicycles are eye-catching in looks and they attract attention everywhere they go. Whether we are planning to buy a motorbike or a car first we need to know about the basic features , parts , and price of the electric cycles before making any final decision to purchase.

And as you came here by searching for the best electric bike under 50000 , there is great news for you that here you can purchase your best electric bike online after reading this article where I have made an in depth analysis for you to choose the right one among all the available options.

Some Key Features of an Electric Bike and Its Advantages

While considering buying an electric bike you have to consider the following points while buying : Motor , Battery , Controller , Cable Harness , Display , Range & Throttle. You can also consider some more additional features like Suspension, Hydraulic disc brakes, Pedal assistant, Gear, Warranty & Charging time.


Apart from the above mentioned technical features , comfort and quality can be of supreme importance while buying an electric bike. The 2nd main thing you have to look into is the motor of the electric bicycle. Generally they come with a wide variety of power ratings to start from 200 watt.

The higher the battery power the heavier load it will carry with ease , but at the same time it will also drain the battery more. On the other hand a 250w-200w bicycle will drain the battery slowly but it will carry the weight with lesser ease.


Generally in Indian roads the motors are placed in the front or rear wheel and when pressed it pulls or pushes along with the wheel. But the main disadvantage of these types of motors are that they lose efficiency in hills or high terrains. 

The best type of electric bicycle comes with a mid-drive motor, which is integrated with the crank and the gears.

So let’s look into top 5 bikes under 50000 currently available at amazon marketplace , after reviewing all 5 I will also give my final opinion for your best pick 

Key features for selecting a best electric bike

So let’s look into top 5 bikes under 50000 currently available at amazon marketplace. After reviewing all 5, I will also give my final opinion for your best pick 

#1 Lectro Unisex-Adult Hero C6E 700C 7S Electric Cycle

Electric cycle price in india 2021

Lectro Unisex-Adult Hero C6E 700C 7S Electric Cycle comes with 6061 Alloy Frame (Black) with a powerfull rear motor.

  • It has a high torque 250W BLDc motor with 2 years warranty

  • IP67 certified Integrated Battery
  • Smart LED Display with 4 Riding Modes

  • Sturdy and Agile 6061 Alloy frame, Anti Skid Pedals, Dual discs and 7 speed gears 

#2 Shanti A1 Fat Electric Mountain Bike, 21 Speed E-Bike for Adults

Best electric bike under 50000 in india

Best Speed E-Bike for Adults with 26″ 250W and 36V 10.4 Ah Removable Battery Multicolour (Shimano Gear).

  • The mountain ebike with 26 * 4 inch fat tires, provide improved grip and traction on the most troublesome terrain.
  • It has 250 watt motor 
  • Multicolor Shimano gear

#3 Lectro Unisex 7S Speed Clix 26T Electric Cycle

electric bike under 50000

Lectro Unisex 7S Speed Clix 26T Electric Cycle comes with Disc Brake with 160 rotor and  BLDC 36V/250W,40 Nm, Rear Hub Motor

  • It has Steel Rigid Fork aerodynamic blade type-Threadless with disc
  • Its Saddle comes with PU Black with printed Hero Lectro
  • Disc Brake comes with 160 rotors
  • BLDC 36V/250W,40 Nm, Rear Hub Motor

#4 TRIAD Men and Women E5 Electric Pedelec Bicycle

Best electric bike under 50000 in india

This Unisex electrical bike comes with 19 inch frame along with EU Certified Detachable Smart 36v 7.8Ah Lithium-ion battery

  • The Bicycle is delivered in fully fitted condition and Ready to Ride condition(99% Assembled)

  • Front Brake is fitted with mechanical disc brake & rear brake is mechanical disc brake

  • Alloy suspension & Alloy Aero Rigid Fork

#5 SMK Twister Attack Full Face Helmet

electric bike under 50000

The POWERTRONS EVELO 27.5T 7S Electric Cycle comes with 8.7Ah Detachable Battery and a vivrant (Metallic Blue) colour. It has a 250W BLDC hub motor fitted for smooth riding assistance

  • Chromoly steel alloy with long life frame.
  • Fitted with  250W BLDC hub motor

  • Pedal assistant sensor which is very useful when you have to go for long distance ridding.
  • 7 Speed Gear with All Shimano Parts

My Final Opinion for best Unisex electric bike under 50000

So dear friends , you can find from the above that all the smk helmets come with 5 common features i.e Bluetooth connectivity , Dual Shell Design , Dual Visor & Removable Washable Liner.

After reviewing all the above 5 bicycles , I am sure you have gained lots of knowledge about how to choose an electric bicycle considering the motor capacity , battery life and other features like controller cable harness & display.

If you want to choose the best electric cycle price in India 2021 or in this year 2022 you have to mostly look for a bike which gives robust power with high torque and also within an challenging price range.

And here my bet is for “Lectro Unisex-Adult Hero C6E 700C 7S Electric Cycle which has 250W BLDC Robust and Silent motor along with 2 years warranty . You can buy this bike from amazon within a price range of 31k to 33k which is again is best Deal for grabbing this all in one electric bicycle.

Currently if you buy it from amazon you can get some extra discount also , I am giving you the direct link of this Electric bicycle just below here for making your work easier.

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