Digit car Insurance Review : Is Digit car insurance right for your SUV?

Digit car Insurance Review : Is Digit car insurance right for your SUV?

Digit is one of the top-rated car insurers in India and is the most used insurance used by most of the car owners in recent days. It is one of the most trusted insurance provider which is enjoyed by maximum car owners in recent days. 

digit car insurance review

Digit provides quick, hassle-free, and claims to be providing the best services for its customers. Digit Insurance offers almost 5800 plus cashless garages across India with a quick pick-up and drop facility for its customers.

In addition, the company provides a six months comprehensive repair guarantee, which is unique in the industry.

If you consider buying a car or SUV, you might be confused about the perfect car insurer to get the best policies. So, here we will do Digit car insurance review and try to provide all features and services Digit offers.

This will help you to get an clear idea about Digit Car Insurance. Digit provides 95% of claims settled as quick as possible.

What is a car Insurance?

Car insurance is a kind of agreement that is deals between the company and the car owner. It compensates for any loss or damage to the vehicle during the Insurance coverage cycle. 

A good car insurance gives protection to the car owners from the damages that are bound to be paid in large amounts. A car insurance also covers other features and benefits. 

Auto insurances also come with protection against any theft and other financial losses. The premium of car insurance online depends on factors like age, market value, and different types of coverage. 

A properly insured car gives you the confidence to drive safely and peacefully. Car insurance are mandatory while you opt for buying a new car.

The Necessity of car insurance in India

In India, an insurance policy is needed to buy vehicles. Various car insurance companies provide different types of plans and packaging that is sustainable, according to their requirement.

India has vast and mixed road and climatic conditions making the roads prone to accidents. The streets throughout the country are full of pit holes, and the heavily loaded trucks make most of the damage.

In this context, good car insurance can save you and your car from the unseen damages which may occur during any journey.

The Motor vehicle act also covers the financial and legal authorities for covering the damages such as fire, theft, natural disaster, and many more. 

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The Features of Digit car insurance

People have loved Digit car insurance; its applications, policies, and statements are straightforward. It also provides 95% of claims which is high compared to other insurance companies.

Digit provides a less repair cost compared to other private garages to its customers. The renewal process of Digit is very quick and easy.

Digit mainly focuses on providing social conditions for its settlement procedure, covering the damages and settling down with the warranty.

Most of the time, we cannot judge our exact requirements and end up just buying an expensive car but do not think about its security.

Digit car insurance also offers policies that even cover unforeseen conditions. They also provide hassle-free claim settlement in which your hard-earned money will be safe and tackle the dangers.

Digit car Insurance Review

Digit provides their customers with comprehensive protection for their vehicles with an easy-to-use online process.

Digit offers two types of Car Insurance to its customers, and they are :

Third-Party Liability Only Car Insurance :

In this type of Insurance Policy, the physical damage to Third Party is covered, and the liability limit is upto 7.5 lakhs. In case of injuries, there is no such limit to liability.

The following things will not be covered in Third Party Liability Only Car Insurance

  • Damages/Losses to own car due to an accident
  • Damages/Losses to own car in case of fire
  • Damages/Losses to own car in case of a natural calamity
  • Theft of your car
  • Doorstep Pick-Up & Drop
  • Customize your IDV
  • Extra protection with customized add-ons

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy :

In the case of a comprehensive policy, it also covers ‘Own Damages’, which means the injuries sustained by the owners own the vehicle.

Benefits of Digit Car Insurance

According to the official Digit website, they treat their customers like VIPs. Some of the main advantages are mentioned below : 

Cashless Repairs :

You can opt for the cashless repair of your vehicle from the 5800+ Cashless Network Garages serviced by Digit.

Super Fast Claims :

Digit Car Insurance claims to have settled 96% of all their claims within time.

24×7 Support :

The company provides 24×7 customer assistance even on National holidays.

Customizable vehicle IDV :

Customers can customize vehicle IDV according to their choice.

Doorstep Pickup and Repair :

Digit provide doorstep pickup and repair with six months warranty at their network garages.

Self Inspection :

You can self-inspection by clicking a simple image with your smartphone and send online.

Digit car insurance review quora

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Process for Submitting Claim at Digit Car Insurance

You need to submit your claim online. The steps for the claim are as follows:

  1. The first step is registering the claim with the insurance providers. Just call the toll-free numbers or submit details online with all the details related to the vehicle and the owner. 
  2. The following process is to take the victim’s car to the nearest garage for repair. 
  3. Digit will provide a self-inspection link on the insured’s registered mobile number. After self-inspection, the garage will start working on the issues selected by the insured, sponsored by Digit. 

A detailed report has to be filed within a specific time frame. First, the FIR requires the registration number of the car. Then, the car’s and driver’s details must be submitted in a specified format. 

After approval of the claim, the same needs to be submitted to Digit Insurance.

Digit car insurance Renewal Process

The process of Digit car insurance renewal is very quick and easy. You can select add-ons to gain maximum benefit.

The process for Renewal :

  • Visit the company’s website. Click on ‘car insurance when you notice the option.
  • Enter the details of your vehicle and check insurance policy renovation quotes.
  • Properly submit the details like your name, email, car’s registration number, insurance policy number, date of policy expiry, and past claiming details.
  • Choose a car insurance renewal scheme from the options and the essential add-ons.
  • The policyholder needed to enter NCBI if he had a claim-free the previous year.
  • After submitting the details, complete the premium payment to renew the car insurance policy.

In case of any confusion or problem, you are directed to contact the helpline while going through the renewal process. In addition, Digit provides 24×7 customer support to its customers.

Digit Car Insurance Review : Some more features

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Digit provides Lowest premium for car insurance

Digit is one of the few companies that exclusively offers the lowest premium for car insurance. A pocket-friendly Insurance Policy always attracts the maximum of customers.

Here, let’s look at the chart comparing Digit car insurance with the other companies’ premiums.

Car insurance companiesPremium

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the Emergency facilities provided by Car Insurance Policies?

A. The emergency insurance policies provide facilities such as doorstep pickup, the best materials for its repairing, and 24×7 customer services. 

Q. Importance of Car Insurance Policy?

A. A Car Insurance policy provides protection and covers unforeseen circumstances that may happen in the future. It also tackles the risks associated with an accident and bears the repair fees in a specified manner. 

Q. What are the Critical Features of Digit Car Insurance?

A. Digit Car Insurance offers customers a quick settlement process and a handsome unclaimed bonus. The company also provides doorstep pickup and repair activities. 

Q. What types of Insurance Policies does Digit car Insurance Offer?

A. Digit car insurance offers third-party insurance, comprehensive private car dealings, and stand-alone own-damaged car. 

Q. What is the procedure for the Renewal of a Digit Car Insurance policy? 

A. At first, you need to first go to Digit website and enter the vehicle details. After that, the system will offer insurance quotes.
After selecting a specific option, you will be directed to payment options where you can pay through Net banking, UPI, and Cards (Debit or Credit).

Final take

In this article, we have tried to gather all possible information regarding Digit car insurance review and the features of the car insurance policies offered by Digit. 

We also try to provide every detail and advantages of Digit car insurance. Nowadays, the price hike and increasing household expenses make it very difficult to manage your car and its maintenance. 

However, Digit allows your wallet to bear your safety, security, and vehicle at any time or state. In this way, it is clear that buying Digit car insurance is worth it. So, if you are considering buying Digit Car Insurance, do it now. 

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