Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter Review – Revolution with Swappable Battery

Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter Review – Revolution with Swappable Battery

Due to the steep increase in petrol and diesel prices, people are thinking about shifting to electric vehicles. Hence, there has been a boom in e-vehicles in the Indian market. Several more companies have started manufacturing these vehicles, and among the best ones to have come out to date are Ola, Ather Energy, Bounce Electric and Oben Electric.

The Bangalore based start-up Bounce infinity used to rent luxury motorcycles and electric scooters to commuters, and they have been very successful in this segment. Now Bounce infinity chose to launch its electric scooter after a lengthy and successful run in the market.

bounce infinity e1 electric scooter review

After launching its maiden Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter, the company has taken a different approach than its rivals. They have introduced a swappable battery platform which resolves the problem caused by the lack of fixed charging stations. You can buy a Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter in Delhi with an ex-showroom price of Rupees 69000/-. But if you remove the battery from the scooter, you could get the scooter for as little as Rs 45000/-.

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Bounce Infinity gives its customers the option of buying the scooter with or without a battery pack. If you purchase it with the battery pack, the experience is like the other players in the market, where you will get a home charger and plug it into any 5-ampere socket to charge the battery. The charging time is between 5 to 5.5 hours to charge the battery fully. But if you buy the scooter without the battery, you need to subscribe to the battery subscription plan of Bounce Infinity.

The battery subscription plan allows the customer to list his vehicle from the company and then free to use any of the battery swapping stations. You can simply exchange your drained battery with a fully charged battery in the swapping station and go on your way. This is an exciting move by the company, and it allows you to get the quickness of a petrol vehicle where you go to pump and refill your vehicle. It’s slightly quicker than filling petrol in this case.

The process lets a customer save a handsome amount of time as an average scooter takes about 4-6 hours to charge fully. So is this the solution for the current EV owners? Is this the game-changer concept currently Bounce is offering? let’s discuss this in detail

Will it be worth to go with a Swappable Battery ?

If you buy the scooter without a battery, the scooter will cost yours 45099. The subscription charge will cost you rs 1249 each month, and the swapping cost is Rs 35. Now let’s come to the range, as E01 claims to have a range of 85 kilometres for a full charge battery, but thats under test conditions and in eco mode. The real-world capacity of this size battery would be max up to 60-65 kilometres which means if your office is about 10 kilometres distance, you need to swap the battery every three days.

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If you swap nine times each month, your total monthly cost will be 1564, and That means you are at per with a petrol scooter and your running cost is as much as a petrol scooter with no savings per month. If you continue to use the scooter with subscription plans for upto 15 months, it will surpass the cost of purchasing an E1 Electric Scooter with a battery. Even if you do just one swap per month, you could make up the cost difference within two years.

Another factor is that the swapping solution is currently available in select cities and not across the country. The company has taken on an ambitious project of installing swapping stations that can cater to 1 million of its customers across India. Currently, the company targets 300 switching stations per city in its top 10 markets.

So if you don’t have to charge infrastructure at home and only run the scooter for a very short distance, you might consider the subscription model. But if you go for a long distance, it’s better to pay for the battery upfront.

Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter Battery Performance and Range

First, let’s discuss the motor. The Infinity E1 is powered by a 2kWh battery that sends power to the 2.2kW electric motor, generating 85Nm of torque. The emphasis is not so great, but the peak torque is quite good in this segment.

You feel the instant electric torque when you are on for the sport mode. The top speed of 65Km/h is quite reasonable for in-city rides, and the eco mode is capped at the highest rate of 40 Km/h. The bounce infinity e1 electric scooter will give a real-world range of 50km in sport mode and 60-65 km in eco mode.

By pressing the yellow switch on the left handlebar, you may activate cruise control, which locks you to a set pace and allows you to coast without providing any throttle input. The mechanism disengages and functions reasonably well when pressing the brakes or engaging the throttle.

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Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter Features and Specifications

The Bounce infinity e1 electric scooter has a fully digital instrument cluster that displays trip meters, battery level, range, speed, and time. The scooter does have Bluetooth connectivity, and you can see incoming calls while on the go. You will get decent boot storage and a type-A USB charging socket.

The Bounce infinity e1 electric scooter has features that we usually see in high-end scooters. In addition to the reverse and two other riding modes, the Bounce e1 also has a drag mode in which the scooter moves along at 3km/h without moving the throttle input. This mode is handy in walking with the scooter to take into a puncture repairing shop or in case you have any mechanical breakdown.

bounce infinity e1 electric scooter

Bounce Infinity e1 Design and Styling

The infinity E1 has a unique design with retro styling. The scooter comes with a circular headlamp and LED DRLs. The body lines on the Bounce E1 are simple, and the side panels are the same. The scooter has LED taillights and LED turn indicators.

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The bounce infinity e1 electric scooter is way ahead even of its ICE counterparts in the braking part, as you can get disc breaks in both front and rear wheels with a combi braking system. There is a slight concern about taking a U-Turn as the scooter slows down significantly with a minor engagement of brakes as the throttle and brakes both work like on-off switches. So while riding in a turn, one has to be careful with this scooter. However, the co company has promised to address the issue very soon.

Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter On Road Price and Booking

Already We have discussed the price tag and subscription models at the begining. If we add further, the bounce infinity e1 electric scooter comes with two swapping plans.

Plan 1: Subscription Fee of Rs 849 along with Rs 35 Swapping Charge
Plan 2: Subscription Fee of Rs 1249 along with Rs 35 Swapping Charge

Currently, you can book a bounce infinity e1 electric scooter simply by going to their official website and registering your seat with Just Rs 499/-

bounce infinity e1 electric scooter features

Final Verdict

In phase I, the company aims to open 25 dealerships across the nation and set up roughly 300 swapping stations in each of the ten largest ten cities. Services like roadside assistance and extended warranty will be offered to its customers through the price has not been finalized yet.

Bounce also plans to provide a fast charger, and the scooter who purchases along with the battery and company claims the charging time to be 2 hours with the fast charger with a 5 amp socket.

Bounce Infinity also confirms that they will soon come out with a larger battery pack of 2.2 KW, replacing the current 2 KW battery pack. But this also generates a negative point for those purchasing the scooter at an initial stage as they lose out on the bigger battery pack.

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Overall, the Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter is a mix of city commuters with a rich features list as long as you are not spending too much time on a highway. The USP of this scooter is its flexibility to its customers in terms of swapping and ownership models.

Primarily Bounce Infinity aims at the segment of new riders who own entry-level petrol scooters such as the Activa. The Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter promises to be a capable and friendly partner for someone going on an electric two-wheeler for the first time.

The Infinity E1’s success will be determined primarily by how Bounce implements the swap network on the ground. If it delivers on its promise of adding convenience to customers’ lives, it will win over those skeptical about the feasibility of using an electric scooter regularly.

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