BMW e36 Modified: 7 Coolest Modifications you can do to Your BMW E36 M3

BMW e36 Modified: 7 Coolest Modifications you can do to Your BMW E36 M3

The BMW E36 M3 is the fastest and surprisingly affordable sports car. In recent years, the BMW E36 M3 has emerged as one of the more sought-after BMW models among enthusiasts. 

The E36 was an immediate success when it was introduced in 1990 to replace the E30 3 series. It has four or six-cylinder engines in front of the driver, with automobiles available in sedan, coupe, convertible, and wagon configurations. 

BMW e36 Modified

It had modernized aerodynamics and a multi-link rear suspension and was highly regarded by the automotive press during its period of manufacture.

The E36 has been going upward in recent years and has emerged as one of the most popular models to modify. The BMW E36 modified car may look more fabulous. 

The E36 is one of the final analogs of BMWs because the 2000s saw the advent of the electronic age, with modules and other devices requiring dealer-level software to repair. 

A skilled BMW enthusiast may make most repairs and modifications on an E36 chassis in their garage or driveway with the proper tools. Although practically every component on an E36 may be modified, the following are some of the trendiest and most well-liked changes available.

The best and most remarkable modifications for BMW E36 M3


One of your best investments is in tires to make your BMW E36 modified. Consider an all-season tire from a renowned manufacturer like Hankook or Michelin if you want to use the vehicle for daily commuting throughout the year. 

Summer tires are a great option if you have the luxury of keeping your M3 in the garage during inclement weather. Otherwise, they are pretty specialized.

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Brake improvements are another best approach to make your BMW E36 modified. However, the brakes are exempt from most of these modifications’ time or financial requirements. 

Even E36 M3 race cars use factory calipers because the stock brakes on the E36 M3 are more than big enough to handle all but the most extreme workload. 

Running more aggressive brake pads and upgrading or changing the old brake fluid make the most significant differences.

Several solutions are available regarding more aggressive brake pads for the BMW E36 M3. 

But make sure the element you pick is appropriate for the task. Running a trackpad on the street will only provide sufficient stopping power if you can heat your brakes. For street use, you can use the Hawk HPS or HP+.


The simplest option to add extra power and boost your engine’s volume without investing much to make your BMW E36 modified car in an expensive complete exhaust configuration is to replace your E36 cat-back exhaust. 

In contrast to the factory exhaust’s smaller diameter, UUC, a leading BMW performance business, provides a stainless, true-dual, lightweight dual exhaust with a diameter of 2.38 inches.

It reduces back pressure and makes it possible for exhaust gas to be released more quickly, which improves your performance. The System U Exhaust contains a muffler that mounts similarly to your factory exhaust to provide the most straightforward and secure fitment. It extends from the middle to the exhaust tips.

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Transmission Mounts and VIP Engine

BMW E36 modified car mainly includes these as upgrades. Rubber mounts to aid in providing a comfortable ride, but they deteriorate with time or perhaps fail, necessitating replacement. 

Installing polyurethane mounts in place of rubber mounts is a stylish and popular modification.

Although polyurethane won’t degrade and fail as rubber does, it will offer more comfort than mounts of other materials. It makes them ideal for street cars and E36 everyday drivers that experience spirited driving.


If your E36 is a model 1994, maximizing the potential of your engine is as simple as installing a plug-and-play E36 software chip for your ECU. 

The Shark Injector Performance Software is intended to increase the rev limit, remove the top speed governor, enhance throttle responsiveness, and boost overall power output for OBDII E36s manufactured in 1995.


BMW has built some of the safest vehicles on the road, but it is advisable to use a safer and more comfortable seat for driving. 

This upgrade is well-liked since drivers can choose their seats depending on personal preferences. Safety is the most crucial factor to consider while modifying a car.

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CAI (Cold Air Intake)

Although CAIs from premium brands can cost more, they can be found for less than $300. The most necessary thing to remember when using a CAI is to ensure that the air entering your intake is cooler. 

Only attempt to save a few dollars by purchasing a kit with a heat shield.

Although, depending on the kit, you can get up to 5 or 6 horsepower, the performance benefits are not significant. 

The sound is among the most pleasurable benefits of a cold air intake improvement. In the higher rpm range, a CAI makes a pleasant roaring noise.

More BMW e36 modified Ideas


The BMW E36 M3 is as durable and dependable as the owner’s maintenance and care efforts, just like any other vehicle. 

Before spending money on modifications, it’s always a good idea to ensure your car operates smoothly without any problems. For your relaxation, it is advisable to use high-quality components.

Nonetheless, many BMW E36 modified features are available, which you can purchase for a reasonable price. Locating the best ones for you may take research, and it costs time and money.

We hope that this article has assisted you in considering some beneficial modifications you could make to your E36.

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