Stunning 3 Best Bluetooth Helmet in India Available Online

Stunning 3 Best Bluetooth Helmet in India Available Online

If you like to go biking and love your bike helmet with a Bluetooth device, this article is for you. With the increasing demand for Bluetooth helmets in India, manufacturers add Bluetooth features in most of their leading models. Many stylish and feature-packed models are currently available on the Indian market today.

You can invest in new technology that includes purchasing a Bluetooth helmet so that you can have a helmet that’s both innovative and safe for your use.

The most common reason for the increase in casualties is a wild or uncontrolled ride. Wiring a helmet reduces the chance of accidents. The helmet manufacturers have customized their helmets with new features like Bluetooth, and It is a valuable component to communicate while driving.

It is essential for motorists who rely on their helmets to provide an optimal fit and help protect the head during the most severe accidents. Interestingly, people never consider buying helmets without any good knowledge. In this article, you will get lots of valuable information and in-depth knowledge regarding the best Bluetooth helmets in India you can buy online.

Why do you need Helmets with Bluetooth?

As an avid yet also wary rider of a Sportbike, I know first-hand why we must wear helmets. Getting on the highway for even a short time can be risky and dangerous – and if you’re not in constant communication with members of your group who are riding alongside you or the authorities, things could go very wrong.
Recent innovations have produced helmets like the Vega Evo, which has enhanced communication capabilities and allows you to listen to music while riding, as long as it’s legal where you reside (yes, this means headphones do count!). If you’re looking for more than one helmet, look at other selections here.

Helmet with Bluetooth Headphones

Vega Evo BT Bluetooth Helmet 


Vega Evo BT Bluetooth Helmet is a one-stop smart helmet integrating with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which could be connected to cell phones, listen to music, and make calls without taking off the helmet. Also, it will bring you not only convenience but also safe in riding.


  • Good quality sound.
  • Light weight helmet
  • very comfortable for long rides
  • Good play time


  • Slightly Lightweight
Bluetooth helmet in india

SMK Twister Full Face Helmet


SMK Twister Full Face Helmet is the world’s first helmet with a Bluetooth-enabled module. It has a dual visor system and a UV/scratch-resistant outer shell that keeps the rider cool and protected from sun rays, making it a perfect companion for long rides.


  • Equipped with Bluetooth module
  • Pinlock Anti-fog Visor
  • Breath Deflector


  • Slightly overweight

Best Bluetooth helmet in India

Steelbird SBA-1 7Wings HF Dashing


The SBA-1 7Wings HF Dashing is the ideal companion for any rider. It’s a motorcycle helmet in the style of Jet Fighter with a large viewing window, comes with high fidelity speakers that allow you to listen to your favorite tunes while driving, and has an impressive design.


  • Audio is good and comfortable
  • Audio is pretty loud and clear
  • Premium look and very comfortable to use


  • Aux cable quality is not very good

Bluetooth Helmet Buying Guide

Hello friends, I am sure now you have gathered much information about selecting a good Bluetooth helmet. I hope you have gathered an idea of what to look for before selecting a good Bluetooth helmet.

How I Select Best Bluetooth helmet in India

I have selected the above three helmets with the following points in mind. Choosing the best Bluetooth helmets starts with the tech. With Bluetooth technology taken care of, you need to look at all other parts such as comfort, easy installation and safety features. You may have a helmet that is technically designed as a connected helmet. I also looked that the helmets must have been certified with DOT and ECE testing.

However, if it’s still uncomfortable to wear because the design isn’t suitable for your head or if it takes ages to install before riding, those are significant factors when choosing between different helmets! I considered companies that were both popular and trustworthy by researching everyone’s favourite search engine: Google!

While considering the best companies in the Bluetooth segment, I have selected Vega, Steelbird and SMK. Both three companies are currently market leaders, and you can choose any one of them.

Vega Bluetooth Helmet price in India

Vega is considered the Best Bluetooth helmet in India, and these helmets are the most popular helmets to sell on amazon with Bluetooth connectivity. The Vega helmet is considered the perfect helmet for all bike riders who like to receive calls or enjoy songs through helmets while riding a bike.

Vega Bluetooth helmets are available in amazon within a price range of Rs 3000. Steelbird Bluetooth Helmet India are also availble

Steelbird Bluetooth Helmet India

Steelbird Bluetooth Helmets allow you to respond to phone calls while riding in city traffic quickly. And the audio quality is excellent! So there’s no need to come to a halt and remove your helmet to make a phone call in an emergency.

While driving, press the answer button on your Bluetooth headset. The completely hands-free feature allows you to talk on your phone even while driving at high speeds and handle important or urgent calls as they arise—no need to lift your phone from your pocket or keep a free hand available at all times.

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In this article, I have tried to cover all the features of the top 3 helmets available in the Amazon marketplace. A full-face Bluetooth helmet in India comes in various sizes based on head measurements, internal liners, ventilation that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Tinted shields allow visibility during early mornings or late nights regardless of whether you’re riding your sports motorcycle or touring bike.

Overall, a Bluetooth helmet in India can give you the best of both worlds regarding your technology and riding experience. Some might think that Bluetooth integration is only for those who want to utilize their helmets as an infotainment device and neglect safety features, but I believe otherwise. A real motorcyclist will value comfort, convenience, and style within one sleek helmet that makes riding safer with its safety features.

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