Comfortable and Best Helmet under 3000 in India for Bike Riding

best Helmet under 3000

Comfortable and Best helmet Under 3000 in India

As we are discussing about comfortable and best helmet under 3000 in India.We the Indians are mostly don’t compromise on safety & comfort when going to buy a full face helmet especially the climate in our country is hot & humid.So friends here you will find a amazing product from Steelbird (Steelbird R2K) which is both equipped with breathable padding with neck protector and extra comfort for long drives. It also has a hygienic interior with multi pore for better ventilation during hot weather. 

Let’s discuss more about the Steelbird R2K ABS Helmet , not only we will discuss its Pros we will discuss its cons (if any) so that you can make a perfect decision. 

As you clearly stated your budget & requirement and in this budget rage the best helmet under 3000 should have the following features & qualities

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Steelbird SBA-1 R2K ISI Helmet Features as per Company Claims

Highlights on the Main features Steelbird R2K ABS

So briefly speaking  in this helmet you will find great comfort , premium styling graphics with a solid Impact ABS Material Shell & Italian design. I am sure you just get all the features in this helmet just what you need. And this is also in a great budget price range where a best helmet under 3000 comes.

Steelbird SBH-17

Steelbird SBH-17




  1. The helmet is simply superb & I am very satisfied with its pricing 
  2. Overall considering the price range the Helmet is really a great deal 
  3. The helmet is not only lightweight & comfortable but also it has more attractive looks in real life than the photos.
  4. This is a perfect product for those who are claustrophobic as one can feel very comfortable by wearing the helmet.
  5. The helmet works really well for action camera mount 

Overall it’s a great combination with safety, comfortable & lightweight 


I Didn’t find any such cons in this helmet , but it would be better if the main box of the helmet is  more neatly designed . I am sure Steelbird will look into this aspect very soon.


Hence now I am going to conclude that this helmet is the now doubt tobe the best helmet available in market in this price range. I am pretty much sure that after reading this refined review for this best Helmet under 3000,  you need not to change your mind for any other helmet. 

So amazon is the best place to order this helmet right now  & I am helping you by providing the direct link to this Steelbird R2K ABS helmet right here. So that you need to search it elsewhere by wasting your valuable time …

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