Top 5 Upcoming Best helmet under 2000 in India in the year 2022

best helmet under 2000

Top 5 Upcoming Best helmet under 2000 in India in the year 2022

Today here we will discuss & review about the best helmet under 2000 in India for the year 2022. Friends if you are a bike lover and regular rider of a bike then after your bike the 2nd most valuable thing is your helmet. I am sure as you are here in this article, you must know the importance of a helmet while riding a bike.

Today in our modern India helmets are also becoming style statements along with its necessity. If you have purchased a new bike or planning to buy it, or you planning to upgrade your old helmet then, rest assured you have landed in the right place.

Definitely, we want a cool-looking helmet with the best industry-standard features along with an affordable price range. As we all want some money to be saved along with buying a product of our choice.

Here we have covered detailed reviews and features of the best helmet under 2000 with the 5 best options from the leading helmet manufacturers available at amazon marketplace.

What are the features of Best Helmet in India for the year 2022

Before going forward let’s learn about the factors considering a best helmet under 2000 what are the features one should look into.

Here we go with the list of 5 Best Helmet under Rs 2000 in India 2022

So let’s look into top 5 helmet for which I will discuss their features in detail and in the end I will give my final opinion 

best helmet under 2000

This is a ISI certified full face graphic helmet that comes with a matt finish with a clear visor.

  • The helmet comes with high impact ABS Material Shell to absorb maximum impact thresold
  • Italian Design and Hygienic Interior of this helmet comes with a multi pore for better Ventilation during hot weather

  • This has breathable padding with a neck protector which gives extra comfort for long drives

  • It also has quick release Micro metric Buckle

Vega Crux Dx Checks Black Red Helmet-L

helmets under 5000

The ISI certified helmet comes with high impact ABS Material Shell and with a metallic quick release silent buckle.

It has also a moveable chin guard which is operated with a single liver flip up mechanism.Iit has also a removable and washable lining, chin guard opening system designed to prevent accidental opening.

  •  high impact ABS Material Shell
  • ISI Certified helmet with Metallic Quick release silent buckle
  • Moveable chin guard 
  • Scratch resistant & UV resistant Visor made with optical polycarbonate

Studds Ninja Elite Black With Carbon Strip

helmets under 5000

The Studds Ninja ISI mark full face helmet comes with a carbon strip and with a clear visor. It is also comes with Regulated density EPS.

It has a high-impact outer shell for superior protection and safety while riding in Indian roads.It’s visor is also a quick-release visor for conveniently removing and cleaning

  • A compact full-face ISI Certified helmet, comes with Regulated density EPS
  • The helmet comes with High-impact outer shell for superior protection and safety
  • Its Quick-release chin-strap makes it easy to wear and take off the helmet at any time.
  • It’s Hypoallergenic liner prevents allergies and enhances comfort while continuous driving
  • The helmet Comes in different attractive colors.

Steelbird Air SBA-1 ABS Material Shell Dashing Helmet

helmets under 5000

The Steelbird Air SBA-1 helmet comes with a plain visor . It has Italian Design which is both replaceable & washable .The ISI helmet also comes with High Impact ABS Material Shell with scratch resistant body. It also has an Innovative ventilation system for superior breathing comfort.

  • Italian Design with Replaceable & washable Interior
  • High Impact ABS Material Shell, Scratch resistant ISI helmet.
  • Micro-Metric Buckle meeting European Standards
  • Innovative ventilation system with superior breathing comfort.

Crux Black Helmet-L

helmets under 5000

The helmet Comes with high Impact ABS Material Shell with texture finish . It has a Metallic Quick release silent buckle . It also has moveable chin guard operated with single liver flip up mechanism.

  • High Impact ABS Material Shell with texture finish
  • High Impact ABS Material Shell.
  • Breathable Pedding and Neck Protector For Extra Comfort
  • It has Quick Release Micro Metric Buckle
  • It has scratch resistant & UV resistant visor. The Visor in optical polycarbonate.

My Final Opinion

Crux full face ISI Black Helmet-L as it comes with high Impact ABS Material Shell , Metallic Quick release silent buckle , scratch resistant & UV resistant Visor built with optical polycarbonate and above all comes with a competitive price range at amazon. You also can check for Steelbird Air SBA-1.

I can surely tell you that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase. You can buy the helmet from the below link directly from amazon.

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