How to Select Best Helmet Under 1000 for Girls in India?

How to Select Best Helmet Under 1000 for Girls in India?

Are you looking for the best helmet under 1000 for your scooty? If you are planning to buy one, you have to make sure that you choose the one that will fit your needs and will be comfortable.

Riding a scooter or bike is always fun, but bumpy roads come. If you love to ride, do not forget to wear a helmet, definitely the comfortable ones, yet fashionable. With time, helmets are evolving in new looks and vibrant colors. But, if you are still stuck to your old ones, it’s time to come out of them and choose the comfortable, stylish, and affordable helmet, ladies! So, if you search for such helmets within 1000, this is your perfect destination. This article is penned down to guide you through a quick overview of the best helmets that you can opt for under 1000.

Before listing the names of the best helmets that one may get hold of under 1000, we should be aware of specific criteria based on which we can invest our money on helmets. These are:

Best Helmet Under 1000 for Girls

Weight of the Helmet

A lady needs to wear a lightweight helmet because of their slender neck. A heavy helmet can cause pain and sprain on their neck after a tiresome long day of the ride.

Besides, wearing a heavy helmet may cause serious trouble after long-term use. So, when searching for a helmet, search for the lightweight ones.

Shell Construction

If you are searching for the best helmet for you, one of the primary features to look out for is the hard shell construction of the helmets. The hard shells are meant for protection against hard surfaces. The helmets are made of good quality reinforced ESP with better resistance, even if the helmet is big or small.

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Look at the Inner linings and Visors

The inner linings in a helmet make it comfortable to wear and not make your head feel heavy. The inner lings are to be made in such a way so that they can be kept clean by washing them.

Now, the visors. What are its purposes of it? The visors should be tinted to protect our eyes from the sun’s scorching rays while in traffic.

Certification from ISI

ISI certification is one of the must-have features to look for when you consider buying a helmet. The certification from ISI ensures the
Although almost every lady’s helmet comes with these features, it is always better to double-check them before you buy.

So, have brief research about the type of helmet you want to buy before investing in it.

7 Best Helmet Under 1000 available in Indian Market for Girls

Now, let us see some of the best helmet under 1000 for ladies in the Indian online marketplace

1 Vega Verve Open Face Ladies Helmet (red)

It is one of the exquisite helmets you will find for yourself, ladies. The helmets are available in red, yellow, and blue colors. The helmet weighs approximately 1223 grams and is ISI-approved.

Vega Verve Dull Red Helmet-M

The helmet comes with a ponytail space and has a bold look in red. The product comes with a chin strap that helps you keep your helmet intact to your head.

2 Vega Verve Open Face Ladies Helmet (pink) 

For all the ladies out there who go crazy over “Wednesdays are for pink,” you have your apt ISI helmet in pink. It is available on Amazon in sizes 30.48 X 27.94 X 25.4 cm.

Vega Verve Dull Red Helmet-M

The product is a stern example of rigidity as the outer shell is made up of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and the inner linings are of first-string foam.

3 Steelbird SB-33 ARM 7Wings Open Face Ladies Helmet

One of the fascinating features of this helmet is the availability of breathing pads and a neck protector that provides extra comfort.

Steelbird SB-33 ARM 7Wings

The hygienic interior of the helmet comes with an Italian design. The hardy helmet is worth buying as the hard outer shell is constructed using premium-grade ABS shell material. 

4 Vega Verve Open Face Ladies Helmet (yellow) 

This open-face helmet from Vega vera, available in yellow, is the perfect ladies’ choice. The helmet comes in a stylish yellow color that weighs 2.78 pounds.

Vega Verve Yellow Helmet-M

It is manufactured using the top-notch quality of acrylonitrile butadiene. It measures 30 X 25.8 X 24.4 cm in dimensions and has approval from the ISI.

5 Dass Getz open Face ladies’ helmet 

The helmet comes in pink for all the dashing women out there. The helmet is available in size large and comes with inner linings that are made with ABS hard plastic shell and the A-okay polystyrene EPS.

Dass Getz (ISI) Open Face Helmet

6 Vega Atom Dull Black Helmet-M

This helmet is made of high impact ABS material. The helmet is ideal for daily use for girls. The helmet is ISI certified and comes with Metallic Quick release silent buckle.

The visor comes with this helmet is Scratch resistant & UV resistant and is made up of optical polycarbonate.

Bottom Line

The helmets mentioned above guarantee complete safety and style, the all-in-one solution for your emotional ride.

I hope the article will give you a complete guide to buying a helmet if you wish to buy a best helmet under 1000. The helmets are suggested to the readers by keeping the cost or your budget in mind.

From how to select a perfect helmet to what are the must look features of a lady’s helmet, the article is penned down as a complete guide for all lady’s helmets.

To be specific, every helmet mentioned here is available on the online marketplace and in offline stores near you. So, what are you waiting for? Go head over to the store and grab your favorite helmet now.

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