7 best Helmet under 1000 to buy online in India 2022

7 best Helmet under 1000 to buy online in India 2022

If you’re looking for the top 7 best helmets under 1000 to buy online in India, you’re right. When you choose a helmet, you should be looking to buy a durable helmet that is also comfortable. The helmet should also be able to protect you from head injuries. Some helmets offer better protection against impacts and provide better comfort than other helmets. So here we have listed down the top 7 best helmets under 1000 that you can buy online.

best helmet under 1000

How to Select a best Helmet Online ?

When it comes to buying anything, be it a product or a service, a comparison is important. People must do it if they want to end up with the most valuable and efficient product or service.The same pattern is followed when people are looking to buy a helmet. If you are talking about Best helmet under 1000 in India and If your budget is within Rs 1000 and confused in the online market about which brand to choose, I can assure you that you have come to the right place.

What you will get here ?

We regularly post articles, especially in bike accessories and automotive reviews, to help people select their right product by giving quality information. We try to do in-depth research and study to help our audience find the right product according to their budget.

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7 Best Helmet under 1000 to buy online in India 2022

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Studds Chrome Eco Full Face Helmet

Rs 919

Vega Crux Open Face Black Helmet-M

Rs 848

Vega Cliff Black Helmet-M

Rs 880

Vega Edge Full Face Helmet 

Rs 962

Studds Professional Full Face Helmet

Rs 1103

Sepia ABS Muscle Rider Open Face Helmet

Rs 1103

Vega Atom Black Helmet-M

Rs 760

In this article we are recommending best helmet under 1000 in India and if you are interested in best full face helmet under 1000 for girls and women then you can our highlighted article. If you are looking for best helmet under 1500 and best helmet under 1200 then you also refer this blog.

#1 Studds Chrome Eco Full Face Helmet

The Studds Chrome Eco Full Face Helmet has made from a particularly high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic. The helmet’s unpainted exceptional textured outer shell finish provides scratch resistance. Liners that are removable and replaceable

The helmet provides a dynamic ventilation system for your breathing comfort throughout a long journey.The helmet comes with an optically true injected polycarbonate visor.

#2 Vega Crux Open Face Black Helmet-M

The Vega Crux Open Face Black Helmet-M comes with high-impact ABS material with a textured finish. The helmet has a Metallic Quick release silent buckle, a fast and convenient way to secure your helmet.

You can find removable and washable lining with optional pads, so use them as your choice. You can wash the liner as and when required.

The helmet also comes with a Scratch-resistant & UV-resistant visor, which gives you a feel of comfort from direct sunlight and keeps your eyes safe and healthy.

#3 Vega Cliff Black Helmet-M

Vega Cliff Black Helmet-M comes with three color options and two size options in the Amazon marketplace. Like Vega Crux, this Helmet also comes with High Impact ABS Material Shell and texture finish and a scratch-free finish.

One mount vent and one back exhaust vent give you a comfortable journey during long rides. The Helmet is an ideal choice who wants to have an open-face helmet within a budget range.

The Helmet is durable, stylish and comes with three color options that one can easily attract. Check for your head size and make sure you are ordering the perfect size according to your head size.

The Helmet is a little heavier than Steelbird Adonis(950 +/- 20 ) (900 +/- 50 grams ). The padding on Vega Cliff is better, with better padding for the cheek portion but padding for the head part
is similar.

The visor of Vega cliff comes with a good view but lacks fog proof feature. Overall the Helmet is best suited for day-to-day use. If you are looking for a helmet for log tours, you must consider for best full-face Helmet for a bike For Rs 5000.

#4 Vega Edge Full Face Helmet 

You can buy The Vega Edge Full Face Helmet in three color options from Amazon. You must keep in mind that Vega and Steelbird have minor issues with different helmet sizes, and that means in the same size, and the helmets differ in actual sizes.

Hence, please check appropriately before buying vega helmets if you already use a steel bird helmet.

The helmet comes with a stylish look and a budget-friendly helmet with all premium features. The helmet is light and airy, and it provides complete visibility while driving. Earpads are soft enough to support the cheeks while also cushioning the head.

When purchasing any helmet, always keep a spare visor on hand. Liners must be kept clean and adequately hygienic to prevent bacteria and fungus from breeding.

#5 Studds Professional Full Face Helmet

The outer shell of the Studds professional full-face helmet is made of high-grade engineering thermoplastic, which protects it from high impact and gives the rider superior safety and security.

The helmet also comes with an optically true injected polycarbonate visor with Silicone complex code and unpainted exceptional textured outer shell finish providing scratch resistance and tension-free rides.

When you wear a helmet, you should always make sure that it is comfortable. Comfort is hugely important, especially when riding a motorbike, as it enhances your riding experience by making it more enjoyable. Studds Professional’s specially regulated density EPS concussion padding lined with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen provides proper comfort and enhances the rider’s riding experience.

#6 Sepia ABS Muscle Rider Open Face Helmet

The Sepia Muscle Rider open-face helmet has an aerodynamic design that provides maximum comfort and stability. The visor has an anti-fog and anti-scratch feature that prevents vision from being obstructed by rainy or foggy days. During rides, the broad and clear visor ensures proper and high visibility.

The helmet’s inner foam ensures breathability and comfort. The D-ring closure allows the chin strap to be adjusted and the helmet to be snugly fitted.

The desert storm color of this helmet is stylish and perfectly synchronized with a Royal Enfield. The visor is well-placed and provides adequate eye protection. The inner cushions are snug and cozy, and the chin strap is of high quality. The cost is reasonable, and one of the most comfortable helmets under Rs. 1000.

The helmet could be a knockoff of the Royal Enfield brand. If you want to ride motorcycles, this is a must-have item. You shouldn’t expect to wear this to war and have it stop bullets.

#7 Vega Atom Black Helmet-M

Vega Atom Black is one of the best helmets I have used in recent times. The build quality is excellent, and the finishing is brilliant with matte black. The setup is very ergonomic and comfortable. I’ve been using this for the last two months and never had any issues. The venting is also very nice to reduce fogging. If you use a full-face helmet, this will be much more comfortable.

I have been using a full head-covered helmet for the last six years for my long ride to the office. Still, after my new helmet was cracked in half a year, I got a little hesitant. I was looking for this kind of helmet and found this one. After I used it, it got easy to move my head, and I could comfortably put my visor down using this helmet. I can say it is not as safe as a full head-covered helmet, but it is undoubtedly much better than a helmet without a flip-up. Still, I want to suggest to all those who will buy this helmet to buy some extra padding to add inside, then it becomes more comfortable, and you don’t want to replace it with another helmet.

I can easily recommend this helmet as one of the best helmet under 1000.

#Useful Pro-Tips for Better Maintenance of your Helmet

  • Make sure that the helmet’s outer shell does not come into contact with any petroleum product.
  • Repainting your helmet can reduce its impact absorption capacity.
  • Drilling holes in the outer shell of your helmet is not a good idea. Never replace or remove any of the helmet’s original parts.
  • The helmet should fit snugly and the chin strap should be taut at all times for adequate protection.
  • Always check your head size and watch the Hemet size chart before buying any helmet.


I think I can give you the needed information about currently available helmets to buy online in the Amazon marketplace. I have given the statements according to my voice after having detailed and thorough research on the Amazon marketplace. But you may have some other mindset of choice apart from the available seven helmets mentioned above.

It may also be possible to change your mind after reading this article. Rest assured, I have many options for you in this blog for selecting a full face, open face ladies helmet, sports helmet, and premium quality helmets upto rs 10000.

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