The 5 Top Rated Best Helmet for Royal Enfield Classic 350

The 5 Top Rated Best Helmet for Royal Enfield Classic 350

If you plan to start riding bikes, and if the brand is Royal Enfield, you are looking for a helmet that protects you while riding and does grow a sense of achievement. In this article, I will do an in-depth review of the 5 best helmets for royal Enfield available in India.

Royal Enfield bikes are among the popular bikes nowadays, and they are pretty heavy and can cause head injuries if not hung properly. The Royal Enfield riders need good helmets to ride safely.

Since different bikes demand different types of helmets as they serve the purpose of protecting the riders according to their needs, Royal Enfield bikes demand a particular type of helmet. These helmets are generally substantial, well built, and long-lasting.

best helmet for royal enfield

Types of Helmets for your Selection

Helmets come in different types, and you can buy them according to your needs:

Full Face Helmets

These types give the best protection than any other type, though it becomes difficult for the rider to hear anything going on around them.

best royal enfield helmet

Half Face Helmets

These do not cover the back or top of the head. But it helps to prevent fogging up by allowing better airflow.

best helmet for interceptor 650

Modular Helmet

A modular helmet’s front is adjustable and can be moved up to convert your helmet into a half-face helmet while riding. The helmets are a bit heavyweight because of the added screws and bolts, making the helmet a hybrid version.

There are some of the best Royal Enfield Helmets available on the market these days, lets look for some options which are not only value for money but also stylish in looking.

#1 Royal Enfield HEAW17032 Classic Stripes Drifter Helmet

Royal Enfield HEAW17032 Classic Stripes Drifter Helmet can make your ride safe and enjoyable. It comes in an ergonomic shape with an aerodynamic design. This helmet feels comfortable to wear and provides security on fast rides too. 

This full-face helmet comes in two colours, white and grey. It has a polystyrene foam jaw protector, protecting the rider from the inner side and providing the best comfort. It reflects the sun’s UV rays and resists external scratches, making it a durable helmet. 

It has a visor with an optically correct face shield with micro-metric stops that gives protection from the UV rays or rain. The best part of this helmet is that it has six ventilation spots that allow air to flow inside while riding and hence no chance of sweating. It has a wide eye port that increases ventilation to the eyes and helps clear vision, making it one of the best helmets for Royal Enfield. 

#2 Steelbird SBA-2WINGS Full Face Helmet

This helmet is equipped with the latest safety features. Steelbird SBA is one of the best helmets for Royal Enfield Classic 350, with excellent build quality. These helmets are made up of high-quality ABS material externally, and it has multiple layers of EPS material, which provides the rider with comfort and safety. 

It can be considered one of the best Royal Enfield helmets. The helmet becomes unique with its Italian, Hygienic interior design, an innovative ventilation system, and a comfortable neck protector. It has a night vision visor which works for both day and night. 

Steelbird SBA is also one of the best helmets for interceptor 650. The visor comes in excellent quality, having an anti-scratchable material. If you are looking for a middle-ranged helmet of good quality, design, comfort, and safety, this helmet is the best Royal Enfield Helmet you can get on the market.

#4 Royal Enfield Bobber HEAW17001 Open Face Helmet

This helmet comes in three different colours- Battle Green, Desert Storm, and Matt Black having an excellent combination of style and proper protection. It is one of the most robust helmets having a shell made up of fibreglass, which has absorption strength. 

The outer shell resists UV rays and prevents the helmet from any external scratches. The inner layer consists of EPS foam internal liner, which comforts the rider while wearing it. The unique thing about this type of helmet is leather piping on the outer surface. 

The helmet has a unique design and style, good safety features, and is easy to clean and maintain. The helmet comes with an attractive visor that helps resist rain or UV rays. Overall, it can be considered one of the best helmets for Royal Enfield bikes.

#5 Axor Retro Rogue

These are the best helmets for interceptor 650 with an approximate price of Rs. 7000. These full-faced helmets are the best helmets for Royal Enfields. The interior is made of genuine leather and has a contrasting grey exterior, giving the helmet an excellent look; adding a unique chin vent structure allows superior ventilation. It has a tinted black visor and is available in small, large, and extra-large sizes. 

#5 Royal Enfield HEAW17031 Bruntingthorpe Stripes Drifter Helmet

These helmets are the most durable ones, and they give you a royal feeling while riding Enfield. These are considered one of the best helmets for bullets, and these are available in the colours red and black. The outer shell is made up of heating and moulding high ABS, making it sturdy. 

The inner part is made of EPS which provides complete inner protection. It also comes with an EPS foam moulded internal jaw protector that protects your jaw even in extreme conditions. The outer shell resists UV rays as well as scratches. Maintenance of this helmet is very easy and these are easily washable. The helmet is undoubtedly the best helmet for Royal Enfield.


Royal Enfield Bullet lovers must consider getting good quality and a sturdy motorcycle helmet to enjoy and have a safe ride at the same time. There are some of the best helmets for Royal Enfield riders on the market, and they are of good quality and designs. These are some helmets for the riders to experience a safe ride with proper safety.

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