Upcoming 20 Best Electric Scooters under 1 lakh in India for 2023

Upcoming 20 Best Electric Scooters under 1 lakh in India for 2023

In the automobile competitive and growing market India stands in the fifth position globally. With its tremendous growth rate, India will soon be in the three places in a few years.

best electric scooters under 1 lakh

According to recent reports, 80 percent of two and three-wheeler vehicles, 30 to 70 percent of four-wheelers, and 40 percent of buses will all be non-fuel or electric by 2030.

With the rise of petrol and diesel prices in India, the government is actively focusing on electric mobility, which will help in controlling the budget and the environment.

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Electric vehicle use is eco-friendly. It will benefit the environment and help the country to be cleaner and greener. Because of the batteries used, the electric scooter produces low or no noise at all.

Since these run on battery parts, it has fewer parts, making them simple, compact, and, in turn, light-weighted. According to experts, the future of transportation is electric mobility as people are getting more concerned about the environment and the rise of petrol and diesel processes.

Since electric vehicles are in demand now, numerous private manufacturers are launching and introducing various kinds of bikes and scooters with different price segments.

If you’re hunting for the best scooters in the market under 1 lakh in India, we are here for you with the list of the scooters under the given price and the features it holds.

Ola S1

Ola has launched India’s first-ever local-level manufactured lithium-ion cell for its electric vehicles, giving a tremendous performance. Ola S1 can range up to 181 km after a full charge which takes approximately six and a half hours.

Ola S1 has two variants, namely, Standard and S1 Pro. The S1 Pro has an advantage with a bigger battery and speed of 115kmph, extensive riding modes with hill hold control, and voice assistants.

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It has 36-liter boot storage, Bluetooth, anti-theft alert with reverse mode, and Get Home Mode, and the best part is having all this at a price starting from 99,999. It will no doubt be worth the price.

Hero Electric Optima CX

Next on the list is the electric scooter which claims to have a range of up to 140 km per charge, Hero Electric Optima CX. The 12-inch wheel size provides complete balance control while riding.

Its regenerative braking system and digital instrument cluster make it an ideal electric scooter. The battery’s full charge time is 4 to 5 hours. The electric scooter comes in a couple of variants, a single battery that can range up to 82 km, and the other one, a dual battery that ranges up to 140 km.

With various colors, the scooter has impressive features like a remote lock with an anti-theft alarm, Walk assist function, reverse mode, and many more starting at Rs. 62,190 to 77,490.

Bounce Infinity E1

Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter is powered by a 2.2kW electric motor, producing 85Nm of torque when a 2kWh battery fuels it. The scooter claims to take the speed to 65kmph.

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The lithium-ion battery can get fully charged in 4 hours to drive for 85km. It has three riding modes, power, eco, and reverse. Also, a tire puncture requires an additional drag mode to carry walking speed.

best electric scooters under 1 lakh

This eye-catching European design electric scooter has a starting price of 45,099, ranging up to 79,999.

Hero Electric Atria

If you’re someone looking for an electric scooter at an entry-level budget, then you have got covered by Hero Electric Atria. With a 250Watt motor and a top speed of 25kmph, this electric scooter can go 85km long on just one charge, which takes 4-5 hours.

This feature-packed scooter is a solid choice to commute within a city and a budget-friendly one, too, as it comes in 71,690.

Okinawa PraisePro

This great electric scooter delivers fantastic performance with a motor power of 2500 Watt and a top speed of 58kmph. It can range up to 88 km with a total charging time of 2-3 hours. The lithium-ion battery and motor have a 3-year warranty. It can cost up to Rs. 76,848.

Hero Electric Photon

With a significant motor power of 1200 Watt and a speed of 45 kmph, Hero Electric Photon is a good scooter suitable for intra-city commutes. It claims to go for 108 km with a single charge of 5 hours.

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It can cost Rs 80,790, which is quite justifying for an electric scooter. With all its features, this electric scooter stands out when seen with others as it is the first electric vehicle to be featured at the iconic Republic Day parade.

best electric scooters under 1 lakh

Ampere Magnus

Ampere Magnus is a single standard electric scooter with a simple and elegant look. The under-seat storage is quite spacious to place a helmet with a couple of bibelots.

For additional convenience, an LED light is placed in the boot. Ampere Magnus might not be an electric scooter with numerous fancy and advanced features, but it more or less is enough for basic scooter needs with a price of 65,999, ranging up to 71,999.

Avon E Lite

This electric scooter is one of the best, under 1 lakh in India in 2022. Avon E Lite is a perfect choice for newbies with a comfortable design. It can go for 50km on a single charge for 4-8 hours and has a top speed of 24kmph.

This electric scooter is a good option in terms of budget as you can bag it with a total amount of 28,000.

Hero Electric NYX 

Providing high ground clearance and a spacious footboard, NYX can go for 165 km after a full charge of 4-5 hours. It has a top speed of 42kmph with motor power of 600 Watt.

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The scooter provides a removable pillion seat that can carry more luggage at the back. This ideal electric scooter can cost around Rs. 77,540.

Hero Electric Flash

Hero Electric Flash is one of the best scooters which is easy to drive and can carry a lot of weight. It can run for 85km on a single full charge which takes 4-5 hours.

The scooter comes with a 250 Watt motor and has a top speed of 25 kmph. This scooter is also quite budget-friendly. This is one of those electric scooters with a price tag under 70000, costing 59,640.

Kinetic Green Zing

The Kinetic Green Zing has a motor of power 250 Watt. With a top speed of 45kmph, it can run for 100km on a single charge. The total time to juice up the Kinetic Green Zing is 3-4 hours maximum. This electric bike has a price range of 68,507 to 76,277.

Avon E Scoot

It has a motor power of 215 Watt and a top speed of 24kmph. It can drive for 65 km on a single charge, which takes 6-8 hours. It has a VRLA battery type. It has a minimal budget-friendly cost of 45,000.

Okinawa R30

The Okinawa R30 has a battery capacity of 1.34KWH and motor power of 250 Watt. It has a warranty of 3 standard years. It can drive for 60km on a full charge which takes 4-5 hours. With a top speed of 25kmph, Okinawa R30 has a price of 61,998.

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Kinetic Green Zoom

The electric scooter has a top speed of 40kmph and a motor power of 250 Watt. With a full battery range of 100km per single charge and a charging time of 3-4 hours, the scooter is available at a starting price ranging from 72,056 to 79,301.

Okinawa Dual

This lightweight, stylish, eco-friendly electric vehicle has a motor power capacity of 250 Watt. It can drive for 120-130km after a single charge of 4-5 hours.

It has a top speed of 25kmph and a battery warranty of 3 years. This ideal Okinawa Dual comes in the affordable range of 61,998 to 82,995.

AMO Electric Jaunty

This stylish-looking electric vehicle comes with advanced technology and provides smooth riding. It has a motor power of 249 Watt and 25kmph of top speed.

The scooter takes a charging time of 6 hours to drive for 80-90km. It has a price range of 65,064 to 90,064.

Raftaar Galaxy

It has a motor power of 250 Watt and LFP battery type and runs for 100km after a full charge for 4-5 hours. The smooth-ride scooter is available at an affordable starting price of Rs 51,900.

Gravton Quanta

This automatic transmission electric bike with a lithium-ion battery has a motor power of 4000 Watt. Gravton Quanta can run at a top speed of 70kmph and has a total charging time of only 3 hours.

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It is available in two colors, white and red. This electric bike might cost higher when compared to others, but it is pretty much worth it because of its features. It costs around 99,000.

Gravton Quanta

Ujaas Energy eZy

The best part about this electric bike is its excellent performance and comfortable riding experience with outstanding features at an affordable price of only Rs 31,880.

The lead acid battery of Ujaas Energy eZy is quite good. This scooter has a total charging time of 6-7 hours, after which it can run effortlessly for 60km. It has a motor of 250 Watt.

Okinawa Ridge

Okinawa Ridge comes with two riding modes, economy and sport, and can work on different top speeds as per the requirement, but it has a top speed of 45kmph.

It can run for 84km after complete charging, which takes only 2-3 hours. The motor power is of1700 Watt. This electric vehicle is easy for the pocket as well. With all its features, it costs around 69,783 to 76,285.

The Future of Electric Scooters in India

Getting all these electric bikes at a pocket-friendly range of under 1 lakh in a country like India, where the electric vehicle market and overall business are growing with each passing day, is tremendous.

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In the long list above, where all the top 20 excellent scooters are listed, Hero Electric Flash is the cheapest and best one with minimum limitations.

The price for each scooter is also general, and the actual price might differ in different cities in India. Electric bikes are available in the rapidly growing market, and you can get the best electric bike under 1.5 lakh with outstanding advanced features.

Ola s1 pro

Some electric scooter riders don’t need a proper license to drive it, which allows kids to travel for small distances while considering safety precautions.

There are electric scooters under 70000 with essential features and good battery life like Avon E Lite, Hero Electric Flash, Avon E Scoot, Okinawa R30, Raftaar Galaxy, etc.

Besides the above-mentioned electric scooters, BGauss D15, TVS iQube 2022, and many other scooters are also available with unique advanced features, eye-catching designs, and recommendable prices.

India is trying its best to get most of it from electric mobility. It is building charging station infrastructure and in such good numbers that these can be available at a grid of 3km every 25km on the highway.

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According to today’s scenario, pollution worsens each day, and the government is showing deep concerns regarding the environment and promoting electric vehicles.

Other than the above-listed vehicles, some other scooters are expected to perform even better. These scooters are expected to launch within the following year.

Out of the many, the top 5 are Yamaha Neo’s, Suzuki Burgman, Hero Electric AE-8, KTM Electric Scooter, and EeVe Forseti. In the coming years, we will see the electric vehicle growing exponentially, lowering the use of petrol and diesel and safeguarding the environment, benefiting everyone.

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