Honda CRF300L | The Best of the Affordable Dual Sport Motorcycle?

Honda CRF300L | The Best of the Affordable Dual Sport Motorcycle?

Dual Sport motorcycles are gaining in popularity as many beginner riders consider dual-sport motorcycles as an entrance to the motorcycle field.

best dual sport motorcycle

On the other hand, some other riders looking for dual-sport bikes are either experience riders or coming from perhaps the heavier adventure bikes. The main reason is they realize that the adventure bikes are too heavy to do off-roading well. On the other hand, dual-sport motorcycles are lighter and easy to handle.

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General InfoMain SpecsCompetitors
Price: $5,249 USD / $6,499 CADEngine: 286 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engineKTM 390 Adventure
Main Features :Power: 27.3 HPKawasaki KLX300
Digital instrumentationTorque: 19 lb-ftSuzuki DR-Z400S
CRF450R motocross inspired bodyworkCurb Weight: 306 lbs (139 kg)
Optional ABS for both modelsSeat Height: 34.6 in (880 mm)

Dual sport bikes can be classified into two broad categories: the High-performance racing dual sport bikes, like the ktm 500 exc or honda CRF 450. The second category comes with affordable dual-sport motorcycles, around the $5000 to $7000 range, and includes bikes like Honda CRF300L, klx 300 from Kawasaki and on the higher end Honda xr 650r.

The more expensive dual sports bikes like KTM require frequent maintenance and are expensive to purchase upfront. But you will get an excellent suspension, exceptional handling, and incredible power from the engine.

Bikes like CRF300L will give you less power and less performance but are much more affordable. The Honda CRF300L dual sport motorcycle is priced at a very affordable $5250. This one of the hottest dual sport bikes have come out recently.

Compared to the earlier crf250, launched in 2013, 2021 launched CRF300 comes with a lot of upgradation in terms of engine displacement, chassis, suspension, power, and torque. The new bike has dropped 11 pounds, and the instrument cluster also got heavy revisions.

Power and Specifications

Besides the Honda CRF300L, Honda also has the CRF300L Rally version, which comes at $5999. Both the CRF300L and CRF300L Rally have the same engine, a liquid-cooled 286cc four-stroke single with 15% higher displacement, power, and torque than the 250cc predecessor due to an 8mm stroke increase.

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Both variants are powered by a Euro5 compliant 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that delivers 27 horsepower and 19 lb-ft of torque.

Engine286 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine
Power27.3 HP
Bore x Stroke76mm x 63mm
Fuel SystemPGM-FI, 38mm throttle body
Final Drive#520 chain; 14T/40T
Suspension Front43mm inverted fork; 10.2 inches of travel
Suspension RearPro-Link® single shock with spring; 10.2 inches of travel
Brakes FrontSingle 256mm disc with twin-piston caliper
Brakes RearSingle 220mm disc
Tires Front/Rear(80/100-21) / (120/80-18)
Fuel Tank Capacity2.1 gallons, including 0.5-gallon reserve

According to Honda, the extra 36cc combined with cam lift and timing changes significantly increased the four-valve single’s low- and mid-range power. The 300s are faster and have more low-end grunt than their predecessors, with 2.5 more horsepower (27.3) and roughly three lb-ft more torque (19).

best dual sport motorcycle

Honda engines have long been associated with excellent engineering, and a perfect example is a new engine in the CRF300L. The double-overhead-cam design is free-revving, highly efficient, and has low-maintenance features.

Because of fuel injection, your bike automatically adapts for cold weather or high-altitude operation. Even better, you’ll get excellent mileage and never have to worry about blocked carburettor jets if your bike has sat for a while.

The engine is linked with a six-speed transmision with a slipper clutch which is a significant addition to this price point. The fully fueled-up bike weighs 310 Pound. The bike has a seat height of 34.7 inches 2.1-gallon fuel tank, which gives you a range of 100 – 120 miles depending on how fast you are riding.

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The CRF300L has a non-adjustable suspension for the most part. If we talk about the MSRP, the bike comes at $5249 plus destination here in the US. If you want ABS, you need to spend $300 more.


The dual sport motorcycle features a new bodywork design and styling, attractive and functional—seamless transitions between bodywork pieces, tank, and seat, allowing for effortless movement on the bike.

The seat front has been slimmed down in the CRF300L, making it easy to move forward on the bike or put your feet down when coming to a stop.

Repositioning the engine in the new chassis and the footpeg location provides more leg room, which is beneficial while wearing heavy off-road riding boots. Their new polished finish makes the black rims look beautiful and easy to keep clean.

Engine Counterbalancer and Fuel Injection

As the Honda CRF300L engine comes with a counterbalancer, the low overall width and power benefits of a single-cylinder bike are combined with the smoothness of a multi-cylinder cycle.

The fuel injection provides the bike with the flexibility to run smoothly even in cold weather. It also helps reduce pollutants and improves performance and fuel efficiency compared to a carbureted bike.

Ride Comfort

The dual sport motorcycle comes with a long, motocross-style seat, allowing you to go forward and backwards, left and right, with ease and to navigate changing terrain comfortably.

Special cargo hooks use bungee cords to fasten a light load to the passenger seat. It’s one of the attractive features contributing to these bikes’ adaptability. It also contains a storage box on the left for tiny objects that need to be kept secure.

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Digital Instrument Cluster

The digital instrument cluster of CRF300L has improved in the 2021 Honda CRF300L, and it has more significant, easier-to-read numbers and enhanced gear position, fuel mileage, and fuel consumption indications.

Each CRF300L model is fully prepared to transport a passenger, with an extended seat and fold-up frame-mounted passenger footpads.

Brakes and Handling

Whether going off roads or highways, the 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels give you many tire choices. The dual sport motorcycle has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes that provide superb stopping force and feel.

The CRF300L also comes with optional anti-lock brakes (ABS). You can turn off the ABS for the rear wheel during dirt riding. The increased ground clearance of 11.2 inches gives you more room while off-roading.

Large 43mm sliders are featured on an inverted Showa® fork which gives it strength and contributes to the CRF300L’s superb handling in on and off-road conditions.

The strong and stable steel frame provides a secure platform for the bike on bumpy pavement or off-road trails.

best dual sport motorcycle

Final Verdict

If we think about the perfect dual sport motorcycle ingredients, it would have low maintenance, low seat height, plenty of power and torque, a comfortable seat, a large fuel tank, six gears, and fuel injection and wouldn’t cost more.

However, the next ideal motorcycle may not exist, but when choosing a dual-sport bike, we have to pick what sort of compromises we want.

Do you want a bike like 500RR-S, which is very expensive, costs as much as $12000 and requires a lot of maintenance or a dual-sport bike like 2022 Honda CRF300L? which doesn’t have enough power, has incredibly soft suspension, but it’s never going to break because its Honda.

You only need to change the oil in 3000 miles, and its valve checks probably never! The CRF300L is a fantastic little dual sport bike that will make many riders very happy. It will also make beginner riders happy because it’s easy to ride and very much affordable.

Just over 5200 dollars, this is one of the best new dual sport motorcycles on sale today and represents more fun and a sense of exploration.

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