Top 5 Best Bike Riding Gloves for Bike Touring In India 2022

Top 5 Best Bike Riding Gloves for Bike Touring In India 2022

Are you an avid rider? Be it biking or cycling, and one must have a set of riding gloves of the best quality. To provide comfort and protection while riding a two-wheeler, one must have riding gloves.

If you are a rider who goes for long, arduous road trips, and if you are looking for the best bike riding gloves, then this article is just for you. This article includes a list of the best-selling bike riding gloves available in India.

 Best Bike Riding Gloves for Bike Touring In India

Apart from the fact that the riding gloves provide comfort and protection, they also complete the look of a biker. In addition to jackets and shoes, the gloves give an exotic look to the biker. Besides, wearing gloves is very important because they keep your hands in the best condition. Hand gloves protect your hand from injuries due to a sudden accident.

They protect your hands from blisters and harsh weather conditions, if any. Hence, it makes your long-hour riding trips easy and comfortable.

The following list includes some of the best bike riding gloves available in India:

1.Royal Enfield Short Riding Gloves

These black pair of short riding gloves by Royal Enfield have an outer surface made of genuine leather, with the addition of abrasion resistance. There are carbon fiber protectors around the knuckle area, which gives them a higher protection capability. 

Royal Enfield Riding Gloves

Pros: The finger joints are filled with high-density foam for further protection. If you want a pair of gloves for extreme winter conditions, you may choose this one.

Cons:  These bike riding gloves are not waterproof, and if you want to use gloves during summers, then these gloves are not the best fit.

2.Rynox Air GT All Season Mesh Grain Leather gloves

These bike riding gloves from Rynox come with mesh grain leather, causing the rider to feel comfortable. These gloves too provide abrasion resistance, and are also tested for impact resistance, tear resistance, and cut resistance. You will find 3D mesh panels for better ventilation in wrist and finger areas.

rynox Riding Gloves

Pros: You can use the gloves for all-season purposes. Another factor is that they are tested for high impact and abrasion resistance.

Cons: These bike riding gloves are not waterproof, and only a single design variant is available.

3.Hykes Full Finger Bike Gloves

Hykes’s full-finger best bike riding gloves come with a rigid carbon shell around the knuckle area. There is double stitching in the palm area, which gives protection from abrasion and high impacts. 

The exciting part is that the gloves’ thumb, index, and middle fingers enable you to use touch screens without removing the gloves. The material is of excellent quality, and it is odor-free and breathable. The gloves are suitable for prolonged use without any worry of hygiene issues.

The gloves help ride a bike, but you can also use them for climbing, hiking, cycling, and many other outdoor sports.

Best bike riding gloves brand

Pros: These bike riding gloves are suitable for other outdoor sports activities, and they are made of quick-drying washable fabric.

Cons: The gloves are not waterproof.

4.Royal Enfield Rambler Gloves

The fourth product on our best bike riding gloves list is Royal Enfield Rambler Gloves. Royal Enfield produces some best quality leather gloves, and Rambler Gloves is one of them. The gloves come with faux leather with a high abrasion resistance feature. 

An air mesh is included in the gloves that make the biker feel comfortable and breathable. The mesh panel along the fingers is elasticated, thus allowing free movement.

The finger joints and knuckle areas are made of a thermoformed protector that provides additional protection. They also have two color options to choose from- Olive and Black. The Velcro in the wrist region lets the biker have a comfortable bike ride.

Pros: These gloves are suitable for prolonged use in hot and humid climatic conditions—the faux leather within the gloves provides durability.

Cons: The fingertip regions are not touch-screen friendly. These gloves are not ideal for use during winters.

5.Probiker Leather Motorcycle Gloves

If you are searching for the best bike riding gloves in India, Probiker gloves are one of the right choices. These gloves are undoubtedly one of the best bike riding gloves at a meager price. 

They are heavy-duty gloves made of a rigid tear-resistant material, and they also have a high degree of protection around the knuckle region.

These gloves are lightweight as well as stylish, and 100% washable. The gloves are resistant to dirt, oil as well as water. This set of gloves is available in various sizes but only in a red-black design.

Pros: These bike riding gloves are lightweight and 100% waterproof.

Cons: The gloves do not provide sufficient protection in the wrist area.


As an avid rider, everyone wishes to own the best pair of bike riding gloves. The gloves must possess some best features that will let the biker have an easy, long, comfortable journey at a very affordable price.

If you are ready to invest somewhat around Rs 3000, I recommend you buy the Royal Enfield Short Riding Gloves. They are one of the best bike riding gloves, and Royal Enfield offers some high-quality gloves for the riders. 

If you are looking for the cheapest ones, you must buy the Probiker Leather Motorcycle Gloves. The best part is those gloves are resistant to tears and high temperatures.

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