Honda Activa Electric Scooter Comming Soon – See The Review & Price

Honda Activa Electric Scooter Comming Soon – See The Review & Price

Despite being late to the market, Honda finally introduced its electric scooter segment in India. According to reports, it could be working on the electric avatar of the largest selling Honda Activa scooter. 

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter President, Atsushi Ogata, has green signaled the particular project for India. The Activa electric scooter will take on the offerings from rivals such as  Ather 450XBajaj Chetak ElectricTVS iQube and the Electron Pro Max.

activa electric scooter review

We can expect that Honda could rise the popularity of Activa, and as a result, it could attract high sales from the scooter’s electric variant. In this article, you will get detailed information on the Activa electric scooter, its features, specifications, and price.

Here is a question for you all, Which is the most popular scooter currently in India? If we consider both petrol and electric versions, the answer will still be “Honda Activa”.

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Honda plans to launch its electric version of its highest-selling scooter, the honda activa. Honda’s global electric scooter model BENLY e has been spotted in India doing test rides. This model may have been the one talking about launching here in India as their activa electric scooter.

Activa has already made its place in the Indian market. Currently, Honda is not having an electric segment in India. If we look at the tough competition among new manufacturers of electric vehicles, Honda requires a strong product in the EV segment to match the pace to make the shift to EVs. 

Hopefully, we all know the market value of the Activa series, and therefore, it might be easier for the company to start drawing customers to the Activa electric scooter.

Activa Electric Scooter Ride and Handling

The Honda Activa electric scooter offers an adequate ride quality, the same as the earlier scooter. Besides, the handling and design looks are pretty good, and thankfully, it makes the Electric Activa very easy and comfortable to manage in road conditions we find in Indian cities.

Electric Activa Performance and Range

It is expected that Honda will launch its Activa electric scooter soon with a swappable battery option. Hona motors have already opened a manufacturing plant in Bangalore from where they are planning to source these batteries.

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The honda activa electric scooter is expected to offer a range of at least 150 km, and it ensures that the riders can travel anywhere with ease and enjoy an extensive range. 

The minimum range of the Activa Electric Scooter is expected to be 100 km which can go up to 200 km when the economy mode is activated.

Activa Electric Braking and Styling

Although we are not much aware of the design yet, it is expected that the new Honda Activa electric scooter will have a modern design. The body panels of the scooter might be made of plastic like current petrol activa, which will, in a way, reduce the weight of the body, and thus it will be easier to provide a more extended range. 

Motor Capacity1000 Kw
Top Speed75 kmph
Charging Time2-3 Hours fast Charging
Battery3.6KWH Lithium-ion
Range160 Km on full charge
Head lampLED
Brake SystemDual Disc with CBS

Besides having alloy wheels, the Activa electric scooter will also come with a LED headlamp and an LED tail lamp. Dual Disc brakes provided will also be standard in quality. The seats on the scooter will be broad and long in size, thus will provide accommodation to two riders with ease. 

The storage space that is provided inside the scooter will also be enough. The target buyers of the new Honda Activa Electric will be the metro city dwellers. Therefore, Honda is trying to make it look stylish and practical. It is suspected that the company will be using the Activa or the Activa I design.

Activa Electric Scooter Power and Battery Options

The Electric Activa is expected to have a 1000-Kw motor to power the batteries. The top speed of the scooter is estimated to be 75 kmph. The battery type of the scooter will be a lithium-ion battery which will come with fast charging option.

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The scooter might take around 8 hours to charge fully with a standard charge option. If we talk about fast charging, it will take about one to two hours to fully charge the scooter. It is assumed that the mass production of honda activa electric will help fast-charging stations arrive everywhere in India quickly.

activa electric scooter review

It is expected that the company will try to adopt the battery swapping technology for the Activa Electric Scooter. It is known that across India, Honda has over 6000 dealers and can provide the necessary charging infrastructure and battery swapping stations for the customers. 

The plus point is the removable battery packs that come with the scooters will provide the convenience of replacing the discharged battery at battery swap stations, or if you want, you can charge it at your home. 

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An option like this would benefit those who don’t have a charging point for their e-scooters in their parking space or at their workplace. Besides, the dead batteries can be easily replaced with new ones, which is not possible in the case of the inbuilt battery packs.

Battery Subscription Service by Honda

Honda will provide a subscription service that will allow the users to rent the batteries and swap them at the company’s service stations. As a result, it will save the upfront cost of the batteries for the buyers and allow Honda to launch the Activa electric scooter at aggressive prices.

Activa Electric Scooter Price and Booking

The company has been testing the Honda Benly E concept scooter with battery swapping technology, and it keeps our hopes high. Another fact is that Honda has set up a Power Pack Energy India Private Limited subsidiary firm in Bangalore, suggesting that the Activa Electric scooter may arrive sooner than expected. 

The estimated Activa Electric price, including the battery, is expected to be around Rs 1.25 lakhs to Rs 1.40 lakhs ex-showroom. If you exclude the battery rental service subscription, it will be reduced to around Rs 1 lakh ex-showroom in India.

Final Verdict

On the one hand, Japan chooses to have electric scooters as a lifestyle product, but it will be a different ball game for Honda if it makes electric scooters in India. 

The first factor includes cost, and the second is about the range, which will help it find acceptability with customers. We will soon be seeing the Activa Electric scooter on our roads in this country.

Honda has already established its superiority in two-wheeler ICE scooter sales significantly. Adding to that, an EV segment with the Activa brand name might do wonders. We know that Activa is a household name, and the company would prefer to continue using this brand name even for its electric scooters.


When Activa Electric Scooter will be launched in India?

Honda has stated that an electric two-wheeler will be available in India in 2023.

What is the cost of Activa electric scooter?

The anticipated pricing of the Activa Electric, including the battery, is between Rs 1.25 lakhs and Rs 1.40 lakhs ex-showroom.

Why electric scooters are better than petrol powered one?

Electric scooters offer a lot more torque, which improves performance even more. It’s not that petrol scooters are slow; rather, electric scooters have more quick pull.

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