5 Stand-out Features of the DSG riding jackets You Should Know in 2022

5 Stand-out Features of the DSG riding jackets You Should Know in 2022

When you are a bike rider, you must be conscious of safety and security while riding. Riding jackets are something special that provides the utmost safety that can be relied on. 

Now DSG is a house that has been making bike riding equipment over the years with their efficient hands. In this article, we will discuss the jackets that DSG produces. 

In the entire section, we shall gather knowledge about the DSG riding jackets, their top 5 features in recent days, pricing in India, and the pros and cons. So, let’s get directly into the topic. 

5 Stand-out Features of the DSG riding jackets
dsg evo riding jacket

Why do we need riding jackets while bike riding?

The main one-word answer to this question is “safety.” Of course, for a motorbike rider, safety is the most important thing when handling the bike. But unfortunately, a biker never knows when to face danger on the roads, and situations can come in harder forms.

A riding jacket provides security while riding through adverse weather, hard-poor roads, etc. Most riding jackets’ exterior is designed with a hard coating.

They are designed with elbow protectors, wrist protectors, neck guards, and waist protectors. So, if the rider faces a sudden downfall or brutal collision, it may save a life.

We have many witnesses and evidence in this regard. Some good quality jackets are made in such a way that also protects from heavy rain or even helps to ride against the uncertain intense wind speed.

Another reason for wearing jackets is following the trend or fashion. Nowadays, putting on newly designed riding jackets makes you look cool. It is a part of contemporary fashion that makes bike riders more attractive and eminent. Many also wear jackets to match the design of their bikes.

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What should be the qualities of a good riding jacket?

Before you go and buy a riding jacket for yourself or your loved ones, make sure you know how to choose a good quality jacket. In this case, we cannot prefer any jackets as good quality jackets at all. Or not all riding jackets are of equal quality. 

A good quality jacket must last for a long period. If a jacket is made with suitable materials, it will last long. Honestly, even if you use a good-quality jacket a thousand times, it still won’t fade. It applies to anything. 

A good quality riding jacket depends on how comfortable the rider feels wearing it. Besides being protected from outside, it must be soft, comfortable, and easy to wear and put off. 

So, whenever a good quality jacket is worn, it must cover the body portions comfortably and perfectly.  

For a biker, it will be a good quality jacket that will help him ride against the odds and protect him from all kinds of adverse situations. In that case, it is necessary to see what it is made of and its design. 

The more advanced technology the jackets are designed for, the better they are considered to be of high quality. Like the very few, DSG riding jackets are ahead in this run. 

dsg riding jacket and pants

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Therefore, the pro-bikers can naturally rely on this product. So, if you are interested in buying a good quality riding jacket, you should not be worried about the cost of the product because sometimes it costs a little more to buy a good thing. 

Does DSG provide good quality riding jackets?

DSG or Dream Sporting Gear is considered one of the oldest brands in India. Since the beginning, they have been making riding jackets, gloves, suits, pants, helmets, and other stuff that any biker can love. 

DSG has launched more than 6-7 riding jackets for riders, each unique design, and feature. The DSG riding jackets are long-lasting, well-made, and trendy. 

Some of their jackets are not pocket-friendly, but they are quite easy to maintain. However, it would be wrong to say that every jacket they make has something out of our reach. 

The company tries to satisfy its customers from all categories. So, even though they are small in quantity, DSG manufactures some of their products that all kinds of people can afford. 

On the other hand, the manufacturers never try to copy any other design, but every time, they design a unique jacket for their customers. That is the identity of a true and good quality manufacturer. 

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5 stand-up features of DSG Riding Jackets: 

DSG has several prominent features they provide to their customers. Standing in 2022, let’s discuss the manufacturers’ five recent features. 

●       Comfort features-

The DSG riding jackets are illustrated with a good number of neoprene cuffs that have comfortable collars. The procurved sleeves develop to reduce fatigue and prevent material bunching. It also involves stretch panels that adjust with the straps for comfortable usage. 

●       Elbow protection-

The Elbow protector is designed in a new pattern that will give extra support to the rider. In fact, during the downfall or the heavy collision, it will protect the elbows.  

●       Climate regulation- 

DSG provides riding jackets for all seasons, whether winter or summer. In winter, the jackets provide warmth enough, while on summer days, the riders can feel comfortable with the well-made jackets. Furthermore, in the rainy seasons, there are water-proof riding jackets available for the riders. 

●       Increased low light visibility-

DSG has applied better technology for designing these kinds of jackets that are even visible in the low lights. So, it will add some extra security to the riders while riding in the low light weather or at night. 

●       Air bag technology- 

The most prominent part of these jackets is airbag technology. There is a sensor inside the jacket. It activates to detect any collision. The sensor’s control unit notifies the cartridge of any impact, and the airbag swells up automatically. 


For the visitor’s information, here are the pricing chart of the top 4 new riding jackets by DSG, –

DSG JacketsPrice
DSG EVO 2 Touring Grey Black Riding JacketRs. 12,999.00
DSG Race Pro V2 jacketRs. 11,999.00
DSG EVO Air jacketRs. 9,999.00
DSG Urban Rider Hoodie lifestyle jacketRs. 5,999.00

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● The jackets protect the body parts.

● Give protection from the weather conditions.

● Control the air movement through the rich textures and maintain interior comfort.

● The jackets are of unique and trendy looks with exclusive designs.


  • Maximum of the jackets are quite expensive.
  • These require extraordinary maintenance.
  • The low-range jackets do not cover as many features as the higher range ones provide. 
dsg riding jacket price

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Finale verdict:  

However, undoubtedly DSG provides very easy-going features that make their jackets more attractive to the bikers. Because of their uniqueness and premium quality services, DSG riding Jackets has become a dream for the bike riders of this generation.  

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