Which Sportster is Best for You? 2022 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight vs 2022 H-D Iron 883

Which Sportster is Best for You? 2022 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight vs 2022 H-D Iron 883

A cruiser is always great for roaming around the city and enjoying nature. It also gives you the utmost freedom while riding on smooth country roads.

2022 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight


Both the Iron 883 and Harley Davidson Forty-Eight offer great features and capabilities. And you’ll appreciate the slight variations between these two variants.

If we talk about the Iron 883, it’s more about a simple blacked-out, stripped-down and ready-to-get-around bike.

On the other hand, the forty-eight comes with a peanut tank, a broad, combative stance, and more fun features.

Iron 883 driving control is more accurate for city driving. At the same time, the forty-eight looks more like a street roller with fat front tires. 

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Riding and Comfort

For 2022, the Harley Davidson Forty-eight comes in 3 distinct colors, vivid black, white pearl, and rip blue. The most different front is its fat front tires.

Compared to the skinny tires from other Sportsters, this bike will give you a classier look with its fat front tires. The bike will feel smoother to ride and has a little bit better performance due to its superior contact on the roads.

Compared to the Forty-Eight, the Iron 883 features somewhat offset handlebars. Both bikes have a forward riding position, but you can find a segmented seat on Iron 883.

The flatter seat of Forty-eight might stand out to be less comfortable for long-distance riders. The Iron 883 has a lower riding position than the Forty-Eight and comes with mid-mount foot controls. 

On the other hand, forty-eight offers foot controls that move forward, making the ride more suitable for highway riding.

Convenience Features

Both bikes have similar electrical features, while Forty-Eight offers little more than Iron 883. The Quartz Halogen headlamp is the primary distinction between the two bikes.

If you are talking about sitting comfort, the Iron 883 is the clear winner with its tuck and roll seat.

Chassis and Mechanical

On the mechanical front, the two bikes are different in many ways. The Iron 883 has a 39mm front fork; in contrast, the Forty-Eight has a 49mm fork.

Regarding the rear shocks, the Iron 883 has coil-over, preload dual-adjustable shocks, while the Forty-eight has a variable rate spring over 36mm piston nitrogen gas-charged style shocks.

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Engine and Transmission

You will see both bikes using an Air-Cooled, Evolution engine on the engine and power front. At the same time, there is a slight difference in the bore, where the Iron 883 uses a 3-inch bore, and in Forty-Eight, there will be a 3.5-inch bore.

The biggest thing that separates the two motorcycles is their power. The Iron 883 comes with an 883 cc motor, while the 2022 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight comes with a 1200cc motor.

The Forty-eight has a 2.1-gallon tank. On the other hand, Iron 883 comes with a 3.3-gallon fuel tank. This means the Iron 883 is more suitable for long-distance riding.

There is a significant difference in exhaust systems also. The 2022 Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 has black exhaust headers with black mufflers.

On the other hand, Forty-Eigh has black, staggered exhaust headers with slash-cut mufflers.

Performance and Fuel Efficiency

You are getting an estimated 48 gallons per mile fuel economy on the Forty-Eight, and the Sportster Iron 883 comes with an estimated 51 gallons in fuel efficiency.

If we see both bikes performance-wise, the 883 is getting 54 pounds-feet of torque while the Forty-Eight is getting 73 pounds.

That means you being a little bit lighter and taller, will feel more power and better performance on the 2022 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight.

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In Harley Iron 883, you will get the regular conventional key to unlock and on the ignition of the back. But in the case of Forty-Eight, the scenario is a bit different.

The Forty-Eight also has a key, but it also has Phub, which you can use centrally. So there is no ignition switch in Forty-Eight.

You need to put the Phub in your pocket, lock up the bike, get the switch on and start the bike and go. You can take the bike a little quicker, and you don’t need to worry about getting far.

Davidson Sportster Iron 883


If you are looking for a basic and straightforward motorcycle from Harley Davidson that you can ride quickly on the road, then go for the 2022 Harley Davidson Iron 883.

The bike comes in cool colors, is comfortable, and packs more and more fun with power. In a nutshell, you will get satisfied with the Iron 883 along with a larger fuel tank.

But if you require an aggressive bike ready to attack the road, then the 2022 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight is the right bike for you.

Despite better performance than the Forty-Eight, the downside of this bike is its small fuel tank. You need to have more stops in a long cruising ride.

But for a daily commute and muscle power, the Forty-Eight will be ideal. Forty-Eight is also comfortable for those a little taller than the Iron 883.

But if you need a simple, stripped-down Harley motorcycle and if you love an Air-cooled evolution motor, then you can go with either of the two bikes.

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